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  1. really disrespectful for the fans that went there for her
  2. tbh I love that it's finally officially released, but I'm still going to listen to the UV version, the new version sounds a bit weird cos they cut off the bridge and now I can't unhear it
  3. she's gonna release it when nobody cares anymore
  4. I'm excited that I will finally be able to stream it, but they're kinda late the trend kinda died for a while now
  5. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mVornEaauvDf9xIUpW7OmceH6_OwO_OoI&feature=share try this maybe
  6. sameee my vpn doesn't work with spotify so I've just listened to it on youtube, but I hate yt so much
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