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  1. I'm excited for Daddy Del Rey's debut, he's so adorable. Old man and the sea in 2023
  2. Thank you so much for this! I was listening earlier and got stuck on Adam I took it to be about ego, and being humbled from said ego... I actually like it (not a Judah himself Stan though as from what I've read he doesn't sound like a nice person). I can see how the poetry and rhythm of this particular sermon appeals to Lana
  3. Has anyone transcribed Judah yet? I'm interested in religious stuff despite being atheist (I went to a religious school and was constantly in church as a child though lol). I wanna read his full rant and figure out exactly what he's trying to get at so I can piece it together with the album and its themes
  4. Ultimately I think it's her lack of understanding how to use sensitive language on this topic that causes her to rub people up the wrong way over and over. She's trying so hard to prove what she isn't rather than moving on it's like digging a hole for herself. We know what she means, but when she words things in this way we can't be surprised people may be bugged by it
  5. I always think about this, like if that was my friend/collaborator I'd be telling her it's a bad idea. This lyric reminds me of Facebook mom memes where it's like 'I don't care if you're purple or orange etc. I LOVE EVERYONE' like pls be serious
  6. Literally. I don't know why she had to word it that way. I'm not defending her as I feel like it was unnecessary to say it like that as she's already addressed this topic and other ways without having to use that word choice 😅😅😅
  7. To me she's clearly saying that due to her privilege and ignorance in her life experience she's made mistakes, and she knows people won't believe she isn't doing it on purpose, but she urges people to pay attention to what she's written so she isn't misunderstood. But the way she's worded that will come across as tone deaf and whatnot
  8. She's gonna get devoured for that one line in Grandfather... while it's pretty obvious that she's deeply hurt and upset by constantly being called a Trumpie bigot etc. the way she's worded it in the song is just gonna come across as out of touch lol... I love her and yes her intentions are clear to anyone who follows her and understands, but saying it like that isn't gonna do her any favours with people who are just wading in
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