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  1. zken

    Kilo Kish

    yeah it sucks! after american gurl deluxe she made a post saying that she was finding it increasingly exhausting to release as an independent artist and that (american gurl deluxe) would be her last project as kilo kish for a while: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjaitKWLxWT/?img_index=1
  2. zken

    Kilo Kish

    sad to hear she's taking a break from music, she's immensely talented and massively underrated
  3. zken

    FKA twigs

    i think muva is also probably radiant me or melissa just based off the sound and in the case of melissa, the theme?
  4. zken

    FKA twigs

    the tracks marked ae are arca produced if i remember correctly from the leakedcx thread, so sexmagixk, two mind step, muva, wound/wound up/beach, the not gonna get us cover (and I think jungle cafe is arca too)
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