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  1. Stargirl


    Unpopular opinion maybe but Allie posting Tik Toks is cringe. Like enormous cringe. Literally emulating preteens/teenagers I literally hate it
  2. Stargirl


    Can you take another picture of the last one with a paragraph? ❤️
  3. Stargirl


    I legitimately think she's wants to model more than make music
  4. She looks like she's hiding her lips....?
  5. Lana is on hiatus because Daneel is why
  6. she will spread her skinny to the forelorn people of earth, shit the fick duck
  7. Stargirl


    Thanks! I didn't think it was a problem, but I wasn't sure.
  8. Stargirl


    I have no say in this but is there a certain point when a straight cis woman acting like a drag queen becomes appropriation?
  9. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Lana were not a telepathic witch robot alien who lives in the center of the moon in a mansion bathed in artificial sublight where she keeps a collection of every rose mentioned in earthly literature and plays on a vintage record player the top hits in 1949 while making calls to various world leaders in an attempt to facilitate world peace while, if necessary, utilizing her psychic abilities to subtly influence politicians to do her bidding for the sake of human expansion throughout the galaxy and eventually the universe, to which end she will work tirelessly, immortal until her duty is fulfilled. I can't imagine it but I think it would be interesting
  10. im her dad can confirm i impregnated her edit: forgot how dad's worked forget this
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