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Nadia Oates (born in 1989) is a singer from the United Kingdom. Nadia is best known for her work with producer Space Cowboy (a.k.a. one of Lady Gaga's debut album producers). Since her debut on Space Cowboy’s single My Egyptian Lover in 2007, Nadia has released two albums; Hot Like Wow (13 Apr 2008) and Colours (8 May 2011), both entirely produced by Space Cowboy.




The debut album Hot Like Wow was released in the United Kingdom on 13 April 2008 by Tiger Trax Records, with songs featured on the American TV shows Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and So You Think You Can Dance. On 16 July 2011, the title track Hot Like Wow was featured on So You Think You Can Dance for the second time.




Promotional songs released so far include Taking Over the Dancefloor (originally titled "Kate Middleton"), which received airplay on BBC Radio 1's The Scott Mills Show, and No Bueno; both songs showcase a Moombahton style and were named Song of the Day by Popjustice on 21 March and 27 June 2011, respectively.







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I don't like her.


She's talentless because every song is processed to hell


I'm not even sure she's a real person...it's like some Milli Vanilli shit

LOL dude.

Of course she's real!

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i love her so much, glad we have a thread for her lmao. don’t really know how she got kinda big but her stuff aged pretty well i think!! & it’s still really funny xD

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