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How Lana would look like if she wasn't a star by Justin Jones

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literally who thinks being overweight is beautiful? The entire concept of fat being equal to ugly has gotten so commonplace in society that people almost don't even notice it until songs come out blasting it like "all about the bass" and "Anaconda"

to an extent

and then people dig on them for "skinny shaming" we shouldn't let people who degrade those who are overweight be because that only perpetuates the stereotype and allows it to pass from generation to generation. I know my fat isn't all from laziness because I have a thyroid condition, but deeming all fat people as one mass of ugliness should NOT be tolerated! And as for the whole portraying them as southern and dumb is a whole nother topic

Wtf are you even doing by replying to my comment? I didn't even mention you. 

"entire concept of fat being equal to ugly"  So you want people to start seeing fat as beautiful? Society changes. Years ago slightly overweight women were sexy and the skinny ones were considered ugly. Right now beautiful=skinny and we won't change it for now. I agree that people should not degrade overweight people but they are not forced to think they are beautiful.

And I don't see how the guy is degrading them by making them fat. Isn't it true that a lot of families in the states are overweight? Maybe that's what he was going for, maybe for him being not famous=not taking care of yourself (for celebrities). Of course that's an extreme but I don't even know him and only saw the pictures once so whatever.

And just do some treatment for your thyroid?


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His styling is way off. Yeah, I've gone to church with these people, but none of them were in their 20s. Good grief. I do think the weight range is sadly spot-on.


As far as the beauty/weight issue goes, it's not about micromanaging who people are allowed to be attracted to. That's entirely subjective and no one else's business. It's about respect for individual dignity. How about we don't treat fat OR skinny people as trophies OR booby-prizes?




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