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  1. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Sucker in Charli XCX   
    well, if she would want that, i'd be up for it for her own well-being, but she's literally said so many times that she's a workaholic and wants to drop music asap when it's ready so it must be hard for her:( hahaha
  2. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Eclipse in Charli XCX   
    HIFN was good, but not as good as self-titled or the other mixtapes imo. She definitely needs a creative break to come up with something fresh and exciting. Although HIFN was made over a month so I understand why it was like that and I know a lot of people loved it and think it's her best. I trust her to come up with something good, but it'd be nice to see what she could do after a longer break and different influences (not just partying and love).
  3. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by ChaoticLipster in Sky Ferreira   
    Congratulations to Sky! she’s been nominated for Hiatus of the year at the 2021 grammys! Going head to head with Lorde and Rihanna. I think she has this one in the bag!  
  4. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Vulnicura in Charli XCX   
    Charli relaxing and enjoying her life with her dogs and Huck <3, its what she deserves 
  5. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Heartmachine in Charli XCX   
    I think in the long run, it was for the best... there was a lot of hype in the fanbase coming off of her time in the limelight with all of her early hits/Sucker and then that combined with how bonkers Vroom Vroom was... there was a lot of potential for an outstanding pop era of crazy proportions.
    So the longer time went without anything being dropped and the live teases she did of new songs throughout 2016, it was just FEEDING the hype, fans became stans just looking for anything and everything, myself included  .... I think the situation really (somewhat unintentionally), built up a lot of the hype around her, mystique around certain songs (I really took to Round & Round, Up N Down, No Angel, Taxi)... but then by the time the mixtapes came out, they took on somewhat of a different and more alternative shape, but it’s all put her into this “new light”, and on a different path. A lot of lyrical themes stayed, almost creating her own “lore” as an artist.
    She’s “meta” lol and would it have been that way had XCX World just dropped on time and without a hitch? I really don’t think so. She’d probably be just another pop girl that the majority of people would love to hate (and maybe not, since everything she does is coming through the lens of Charli regardless, nothing has really ever changed there) but that is what tends to happen to artists in the limelight. Lots of exposure, lots of hate... But now, her artistry is THEE XCX World! She has a very strong fanbase for what it is, that kind of just built organically through the ups and downs... but it’s made everything all the better. I think she’s inspired a lot of people in the last few years, like that 100 gecs remix album... tell me that doesn’t look exactly like a Charli mixtape tracklist! It’s the very scene she’s had a big hand in cultivating.
    Now I just wish the GP would warm up to what she’s doing now. It’s just unfortunately, I think her music and the culture she brings along with it requires a certain level of open mindedness that a lot of people just simply don’t have. It’s like she’s broken the glass ceiling, so to speak, where most people still look at what’s “in the box.” But these are now all big reasons why, to me, she’s the best pop artist I’ve ever seen. It’s the willingness she has to stand up for her vision, and come at us from a different angle, and try new sounds, and do something exciting and subversive. Move the needle. It’s exactly what most people claim to want in a pop artist, but they don’t have a grasp on the overall scope to really see it, or appreciate it when it comes.
  6. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Hundred Dollar Bill in Charli XCX   
    While I agree that it was probably for the best that XCX World was scrapped, let’s not act like “her career would be over” had it been released..  
    it’s possible that the potential commercial flop could have slowed down her career / cult success, but let’s not forget how quickly Charli has always bounced back from any point in her career; always moving forward. She would have become a cult icon either way.  
  7. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by glitch diva in Charli XCX   
    it's nice to see that everyone's opinion on her discography is so mixed. i actually think that her albums, including xcx world, aged like wine. for me, the only songs that aged like milk are red balloon, boys and blame it on your love (not because of the song itself, but we already had the superior version of it)
  8. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by TrashMagiq in Charli XCX   
    If XCX World never got scrapped she would’ve probs been forced to put more radio friendly songs on there like Boys, n we wouldn’t have Pop 2. I mentioned this before but XCX World leaking and getting scrapped was a blessing in disguise. She wouldn’t have the impact and cult-ish fanbase she has now, and she def wouldn’t have been allowed to drop an album like HIFN, especially not right after she dropped her previous album (which she wouldn’t even be allowed to drop either). A lot of “””hyperpop””” artists also wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing right now. A lot of fans wouldn’t be where they’re at right now, since her music def brought people together and even fully changed lives cause, yknow, butterfly effect. She would be seen as a flop trying to get a hit, her career would be over. Yes she’d still have some of her loyal fans but it wouldn’t be the same. XCX World getting scrapped is probs the best thing that could’ve happend to her career.
  9. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by XCX1999 in Charli XCX   
    some of us still aren’t over xcx world and that’s okay lol
    I don’t think her career would have ended if it was released like imagine how iconic 2017 would have been getting both N1A and xcx world in the same year
    also it’s worth nothing that everyone bases their opinions of xcx world off the BFY/fanmade tracklist when in reality it could have been released with even better songs (daddy knows + songs we’ve never even heard before)
  10. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by DCooper in Music That Helps You Sleep   
    Omg I just stumbled across this album of lullaby versions of Lana songs LOL it's lowkey good...
  11. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Clampigirl in Music That Helps You Sleep   
    This has helped me for over a year now. I put my phone on absolute minimal volume so I can barely hear it, but when I do, it helps me to focus on the melodies instead of my rapid thoughts. (Interestingly, rain ASMR videos don't put me to sleep at all, but this works!)
    And some weeks ago, I noticed that the sound from the dishwasher made me sleepy, so I put on this video sometimes to help me fall asleep too. x)
  12. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by kitschesque in Summertime (The Gershwin Version) - Single: OUT NOW - November 19th, 2020   
    During the Sacramento show she said she has 2 "summertime" songs and now she's gonna have 3 & one of them samples the other
    True queen of recycling on all grounds
  13. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by drewby in Charli XCX   
    Facebook reminded me I saw/met Charli on the True Romance tour 7 years ago today. Superlove had just come out
  14. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Hundred Dollar Bill in Charli XCX   
    Appreciation post for Charli being the genuinely good person that she is.. her new insta series; “An Audience With” is lovely & something that I wish more pop stars would do. Happy trans awareness week everyone!!! ♥️
  15. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by HEARTCORE in Charli XCX   
    hey girls did you know that um....bad boy make a bad girl make a bad boy make a bad girl 
  16. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Heartmachine in Charli XCX   
    Not even joking, I think Click’s outro literally shattered any barrier I had listening to music. It’s like from that moment on, I saw the value in pretty much everything. And then, I became a gecs fan lol.
    Brain chemistry changed. Tastes transcended.  
  17. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Elle in Poppy   
    A Very Poppy Christmas (EP) out December 1st! 
    1. I Like Presents
    2. Kiss in the Snow
    3. I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
    4. Silver Bells
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  18. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Pin Up Galore in Lana to release a cover album of "American Standards & Classics" ~December 25th, 2020   
    praying we get a Billie Holiday track she's long overdue on covering one 
    if I could choose I think Lana could pull off But Beautiful really well but shed probably do I'll Be Seeing You if anything 
  19. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Heartbreak High in Sky Ferreira   
  20. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by LiFELiNE in Charli XCX   
    girl the sooner you stop giving a fuck what others think the sooner you start truly living life. I know this is gonna sound preachy but fashion is not about what others think it’s always about how you feel! So if you want to get it then get it if people judge you then that’s on them. 
  21. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by Jean in Sky Ferreira   
    Can someone send me Sky Ferreira/Masochism logo? I want to create album cover and post it here, maybe someone will use it. 
    Also, I've created a Masochism EP with following songs:
    Cecil Diamonds
    Downhill Lullaby
    I Pray For Rain
    Voices Carry
    It probably makes no sense, but IDC it's better than nothing. 🤭
  22. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by veinsineon in Sky Ferreira   
    Why do I feel like I’ve heard Cecil Diamonds on TV before? Or in a movie? It seems so weirdly familiar..
    Sky can’t either 
  23. PrettyBaby liked a post in a topic by vilvaraja in Charli XCX   
    Not sure if I missed anyone else talking about this yet BUT the 2020 Grammy nominations come out on Nov 20th.  Both "Charli" & "How I'm Feeling Now" were released in the timeframe to be nominated.  BOTH albums were insanely critically acclaimed.  THE MOST POPULAR music critic on the internet praised it as the BEST album of 2019 (over Tyler the Creator, Billie Ellish, etc).  She got her first Mercury Award nom (one of the equivalents of the Grammy's in the UK). I'm probably just an optimistic stan but OUR GIRL MAY GET A NOMINATION OR 2 AND I AM VERY VERY VERY F*CKING EXCITED AT THIS PROSPECT!!!!!!! 
  24. rightofjupiter liked a post in a topic by PrettyBaby in Charli XCX   
    Top 20 Charli XCX (released, including features)
    20. ILY2
    19. Breaking Up
    18. Official
    17. Need Ur Love
    16. So Far Away
    15. Rollercoaster (Bleachers)
    14. Love Gang (Whethan)
    13. What I Like
    12. Lipgloss
    11. Drugs
    10. Dreams Money Can Buy
    9. No Angel
    8. End of the World (Alex Metric)
    7. party 4 u
    6. Kingdom
    5. 1 Night (Mura Masa)
    4. Take My Hand
    3. Girls Night Out
    2. You (Ha Ha Ha)
    1. Grins
    That was easier than I thought it would be 
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