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  1. Literally remembered this page existed so decided to come and see if there were any news and it's the mess it's always been.
  2. The album is a masterpiece tbh, the lyrics hit deep and it actually feels sadder than her other albums
  3. Back when this place was actually fun đź’€ it started going downhill around 2016
  4. She needs to get rid of the dancers, they're mostly there for emotional support more than anything xd
  5. Only some people sang, but most close to where I was were quiet and we could hear her voice lol. Pretty good, just wish she had a better set list tbh
  6. Most people could only sing the BTD songs and the tik tok ones. When she sangue Arcadia, Bartender and anything from Ocean it was QUIET She didn't remember the lyrics
  7. Does anyone have the pkaylist she's been doing? I'm going to the festival in Italy xd
  8. Yeah, also Brazilians think it's cute to sing over the actual singers, which is why I never go to concerts or festivals there đź’€ showing love is good but no one needs to hear your ugly voice. The issue would've been fixed with a better mic setting though
  9. One of her best albums tbh, I always listen to it when I need to calm down.
  10. Ok, so another album with some pretty yet boring songs for the most part, which unfortunately what she seems to want to make now. A few stand out yeah.. the last 3 songs save the album (coming from someone who loves Sirens to death)
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