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  1. Nah, I know the whole story, how it started, what Israël has done, the settlements etc, I'm just looking at the actions taken by the country in a geopolitical context. If the country didn't tell people to evacuate, created a human corridor like it has been done in the last few days, I can assure the number of deaths would be triple that, If not more. Does that mean Israel is innocent? Nope, but if you understand the geopolitics you understand their current actions. Edit: basically my point is that it's gullible to think a ceasefire or a simple solution as "free gaza/west bank" can be found. There's a reason not even Egypt wants Gaza
  2. If not the US, it'll be Russia or some other country, the US needs a stable partner in the middle east so they won't stop. And yeah ,10k deaths sucks but that's just the reality of war and the enemy hiding in dense populated areas. Israel at least tries to limit the number of deaths, it could be much higher. If it stops now the same thing will just happen in a couple of years unfortunately, so yeah they can't stop. Also I just saw you're from or live in Dubai, so your point of view makes sense.
  3. The US has bases in many Middle Eastern countries, not just Israel, and other countries like Saudi Arabia have already said they are still going to normalize relations with Israel. American aid is important but mostly when it comes to diplomacy, their aid only represents 1% of the Israeli GDP. A ceasefire now would be the same as losing, they'll only stop when they reach their goals, no international pressure is going to make them stop
  4. Over half of Israel's entire population is mizrahi, meaning jews from Arab countries that were either expelled in the aftermath of the 1948 war or decided to migrated to Israel, without counting the 20% Arab pop that lives there. It's not a evil white people against defenseless brown people story.
  5. You know that Jesus was a Jew, right? And that Christianity wasn't even a thing for a while after Judaism was created, much less Islam which got stitched together much later. Also Arabs and muslims aren't even native to North Africa and the levant, they arrived in the 7th century. The only difference between the modern state of Israel and let's say, muslim Syria, is how long it's been since the land got taken over. Anyways war is war.
  6. Literally remembered this page existed so decided to come and see if there were any news and it's the mess it's always been.
  7. The album is a masterpiece tbh, the lyrics hit deep and it actually feels sadder than her other albums
  8. Back when this place was actually fun đź’€ it started going downhill around 2016
  9. She needs to get rid of the dancers, they're mostly there for emotional support more than anything xd
  10. Only some people sang, but most close to where I was were quiet and we could hear her voice lol. Pretty good, just wish she had a better set list tbh
  11. Most people could only sing the BTD songs and the tik tok ones. When she sangue Arcadia, Bartender and anything from Ocean it was QUIET She didn't remember the lyrics
  12. Does anyone have the pkaylist she's been doing? I'm going to the festival in Italy xd
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