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  1. Ok, so another album with some pretty yet boring songs for the most part, which unfortunately what she seems to want to make now. A few stand out yeah.. the last 3 songs save the album (coming from someone who loves Sirens to death)
  2. Idk if it was for LFL but it did happen often in the past. Haven't been followed this thread to know what's going on, I just saw someone mentioned snippets
  3. Which is why I clearly stated "legally" . Been here long enough to know how strict mama elle is
  4. We won already, if the rest of the album is as good it's gonna be one of my favorites. Pls don't mess it up
  5. Yeap, but it's not a banger. Still pretty good and better than most songs on her last albums
  6. Please deliver, not another boring album please
  7. Haven't been on here in ages, can anyone recap all the mess of the last 1000 pages?
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