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I dont really make my albums to be "albums", more so a playlist that transitions well into each other and has heaps of songs. so heres my XCX World tracklist that includes edits and some songs that leaked last year that aren't supposed to be on XCX3.


1. I Wanna Be With You

2. Girls Night Out

3. Come To My Party

4. Bounce

5. Taxi

6. Vroom Vroom (w/ nylon DJ set intro)

7. Trophy (w/ nylon DJ set intro)

8. TKO

9. Roll With Me/Burn Rubber

10. Ring

11. Down Like Whoa

12. Boys

13. Die 4

14. Good Girls

15. Paris

16. Daddy Knows

17. No Angel (released version)

18. Kingdom Come (edited drums)

19. Queen Lizzy (edited drums)

20. Hate Myself For Loving You

21. Glow (edited drums)

22. Naked (edited drums)

23. Waterfall

24. Can You Hear Me

25. Sweetest Drug

26. Dirty Sexy Mono (solo with charli bridge)

27. After The Afterparty (solo)

can you make a zip file im too lazy to look for all these :crossed:

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a concept #1 

Vroom Vroom : The Next Mile


01. Vroom Vroom

02. Paradise (feat. Hannah Diamond)

03. Trophy

04. T.K.O.

05 Secret (Shh)

06. Roll With Me (Speed Limit Version)

07. Burn Rubber

08. Hell Yeah Baby

09. Round & Round

10. Daddy Knows

11. Paris

12. In The Darkness

13. Taxi




so... i totally ripped off this concept and did it for myself with a few demos/unreleaseds/remaster/edits, so thank you @ for the idea

that's what i made


the hannah diamond mix of paradise it's a edited version w/ her vocals instead of the high-pitched one from the stems by @@helvetical + the roll with me version it's the one that @@WheelsgoRnR made but after the intro i edited to make it faster and tokyo's trophy is a fire mashup i found on youtube



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About the old tracks getting an official release, I think we are not considering one parameter. Out of them all, Bounce was the most played live, followed by GNO, then No Angel. Others are not even close. Two of them already got a proper release (the 3 of them were mentioned by Charli on that tweet of songs still very much alive etc). Putting this puzzle together really makes me think Bounce will indeed get released as a bside of one of the following drops, while Taxi, R&R and others are really dead at this point, so it's better if they leak so she's freed from this karma and everyone can move on. Future will be brighter when all the unreleased-and-not-intended-for-release is finally out, no matter how.

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