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Hey everyone! Seeing as a lot of us are apart of the LGBT community I'd imagine you have watched some movies pertaining to that. What are some of your favorite LGBT films? Some of my personal favorites have to be Edge of Seventeen, J'ai Tue Ma Mere, Eastern Boys, Carol, Tangerine, and Jongens. There's so many more but these movies are some I could watch over and over!


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I really love White Frog, Jongens, the Edge of Seventeen, Seashore, and Holding the Man. there's also some shows that I really love like Queer as Folk, Eastsiders and this new Norewegian show I just found called Skam

Looks like a bunch of LDR fans :eartha:


Anyway, I love Queer as Folk (US Version)! I'm so upset there weren't more seasons :aw:


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All Over Me




Desert Hearts




Life Partners


more about friendship than love tho




My Own Private Idaho








Lost & Delirious




also, both obvious recs - Blue is the Warmest Color (to me, the best lesbian film of all time; not a huge fan of Carol btw) & since someone mentioned SKAM (which is faaaaabulous), the british tv show Skins (S1 has an openly gay character, S2 has a whole storyline about a lesbian couple)

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HOW did I forget about that one. It was such a heartwarming movie, the part where he comes out to his friend like she already knew :defeated:

I was so scared she wasn't gonna accept him :defeated:  but she didn't even care. Queen honestly

I would never hurt you

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I think we need more LGBT-themed movies that are not about coming out, not being accepted, having a love affair in the closet

Totally agree.

Those are stupid.

I know of a few which are not like that but simple comedies about gay guys where the big deal is not about them being different or them coming out and asking for the acceptance of others, but just about guys living their lives doing their thing


Is It Just Me

The 10 year plan

Love is a four letter word

The men next door

Cut Sleeve Boys

Love Patient



These are all great, more chill & laid back movies and I highly suggest them for all of you if you want to have a good time and laugh

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