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  1. FrankNotOcean

    Melanie Martinez

    I once again ask, is there supposed to be a storyline/order to watch those videos because I clearly don't see the correlation between these
  2. FrankNotOcean

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm so confused like is this still a story? I don't get the storyline whatsoever.
  3. SHE REALLY SAID MOTHER Also kinda petty from Kimberly for having Lana singing at her wedding with Kanye, to Lana singing about Kanye being unhinged and then to featuring Lana in her SKIMS campaign. Honestly queens
  4. Honestly with the official release of Problématique I just revisited her catalog and she has so much potential (Era 1, etc.)
  5. It's giving XCX World somehow idk
  6. Her Quebec concert was so insane - during Arcadia the entire crowd lit up their flashlight and she got teary eyed and SO DID I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That album cover is so perfect though I'm excited to be honest
  8. To Be Human is still a beautiful song
  9. FrankNotOcean

    Melanie Martinez

    I just stumbled on a Twitter thread on the demo versions of PORTALS and damn you guys are right... What happened? They are far superior What would be the best way to rearrange the tracklist? I've seen a lot here but I'd like to have the tracklist be a solid narrative
  10. Sunday In Heaven, the song, is so good!!!! Feels like a warm hug
  11. FrankNotOcean

    Taylor Swift

    She really hates Canada huh
  12. So it fully leaked? Honestly I want to stan but I have been nothing but uninterested in this "era"
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