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Say Yes to Heaven

LDR5 - Pre-Release Thread

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Here's what is known so far


-Lana Del Rey for NME Magazine (December 2015)

 2qbhoc82.jpg & 2qbhoc8.jpg


- In February 2016, Lana was interviewed in Pre-GRAMMY Gala Red Carpet.




Are you gonna drop another album anytime soon and surprise everyone?

"I don't think it will be a surprise when I'll do it but... you know... I will soon... I'm working on stuff I love."

Is it in a different direction from the last time?

"Yeah... but I don't know if you'd really know 'cause it has more to do with just like...I don't know... a clarity of inner dialogue that I feel is coming through better."

How about music?

"It's kinda in the same aesthetic."


- In July 2016, a music video was reportedly shot; Kasia Szarek as the casting director.




She was in studio with Justin Parker in November 2015 



- Via Ben Mawson in March 2016.



- Shared by Lana (on her @Honeymoon account) in March 2016"I can't tell if my managers like it, but I know they're on crack.".



 - Shared by Lana in March 2016.



Lana's leaving a recording studio located in Santa Monica. (August 21st, 2016).



- She has hung out several times with "Born to Die" producer Emile Haynie and Father John Misty's collaborator Jonathan Wilson 


- Beautiful People (recorded in 2015 with Justin Parker) [Registered, possibly not for this album]

- Wild One (recorded in 2015 with Justin Parker) [Registered, possibly not for this album]


- Demos produced by Rick Nowels


- Lana presumably shot another video on October 28, 2016.

Chuck posted a video to Snapchat where she is posing with a girl that wears the same make-up. You can hear Lana speaking in the background and she mentions the word "video" 


Also, Ben Mawson (her manager) posted a photo with Johnny Blue Eyes (her stylist) 




YOUNG AND IN LOVE (Now titled "Love")

- Young and in Love is the lead single

- Young and in Love is co-written by Rick Nowels, Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie

- Recorded possibly in the spring of 2016

- Registered in January 2017:


- The song was released on February 18th, 2017 under a new title "Love" as a lead single. LINK

- The original dates for release were February 28th and March 6th. It was released the day after it was leaked.

- The music video for the song was released on February 20th, 2017.



On the same day "Love" was released, a press release for the album was also. It features exciting new information about the album such as collabs, 2017 release, and a for-the-fans album!



- Press photo shot by Neil Krug



- Soon after (what was thought to be) the title track for the record leaked, called "Best American Record".



- On March 27th, a new song was found to be registered titled "Lust for Life". Oddly it had been written by Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) but performed by Lana. Speculation arose.

- On March 29th, Lana uploaded an album trailer and announced that the album would be titled "Lust for Life" with the registered track as the new main title.


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Eclipse confirmed on Twitter that Lana had told him the single was supposed to be released on the 28th so it's not that bad after all. I can't believe they were planning for a release on a tuesday tho :defeated:


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The posters just said Love. They didn't say Young and in Love.

lol I just checked and I was looking at a fanmade poster, sorry for that


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