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  1. hippo

    Charli XCX

    i dont have an answer to ur question but party 4 u is humanity‘s best song
  2. hippo

    Ethel Cain

    just got my ticket for her berlin show
  3. hippo

    Yes To Heaven

    same. i was dealing with mental health issues and just turned 23. the line „ive got my eye on u“felt like a warm blanket lana was covering me in 🥰
  4. hippo

    Ethel Cain

    me too pleeaaase ever since gibson girl ethel cain is my lord and saviour
  5. hippo

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    its sonically very similar to highly emotional people which is the sweetest surprise
  6. hippo

    Alice Glass

    has it leaked?
  7. hippo


    go eeeeeeeeeasy on me
  8. isnt this the first time an album of hers doesnt leak 10 days before scheduled release date?
  9. do we know if people already have the album in full like we did last time with chemtrails? asking for a friend lol
  10. hippo


    uuuh i love it
  11. hippo

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Sometimes I get this feeling - I know it might sound odd But I just wanna go back home and I don't mean to God remember this ? do we know if this song made it onto the album? those are some catchy lyrics so if eclipse has the album - is a leak imminent?
  12. hippo

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    in what world / universe / alternate timeline are songs like bubblegum bitch, froot, homewrecker etc NOT tacky? most of marina's discography is camp at its finest ... i mean thats why i love her ... the delicate balance of taking life not seriously but also seriously enough
  13. hippo

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    this! the scrutiny on this forum is insane.
  14. Norman Fucking Rockwell: 16 Mariners Apartment Complex: 18 Venice Bitch: 18 Fuck it I love you: 16 Love Song: 3 (-) Cinnamon Girl: 17 (+) California: 19 The Greatest: 16 Bartender: 7 Happiness is a Butterfly: 3 hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have: 13 lets kill love song ?
  15. she delayed the album mere minutes after announcing it first. relatable queen, god i love her
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