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    different hair and make up + she lost some weight during her blond ambition world tour
  2. what is „turn down the back beat“ supposed to mean?
  3. yas gurl drag those piano haters to heeeell
  4. i hope our girl was ballsy enough to ask her about a new single …
  5. ugh waiting for the next single is getting harder and harder … where u at lanaaaaa
  6. where can i check out the new merch? couldnt find it on her website
  7. lithium is not addictive.
  8. lyrically, i talk to jesus is very uv
  9. heyhey can anybody pm me the lanaboobs illustration?? want to use it as a single cover for dyk. what a wondrous song. i admit, it took me a few spins to „get it“ (same with bb) but now, im in love and cant wait to see/hear whats next. exciting times for ur little cult thanks xx
  10. hey guys, i seem to have missed thr nsfw pics of her latest photoshoot with neil. where can i find them?? have only seen an illustrastion so far… thx 💕
  11. sorry to be the one: what happened in the last 24h? tmr is the announcement, new single out friday? album name and cover have been revealed by insiders?
  12. i am beyond excited for this season‘s cherry/cinnamon girl/tulsa jesus freak/music to watch boys to
  13. what did i miss ? can somebody give me a quick sum up?? thanks
  14. i need lana to write a poppy-inspired album. (poppy the flower, not the artist)
  15. i have no clue what is going on… are tarot readings now considered „inside information“? whats with the teams? is this all just leading up to a massive scat attack? anyways #teamdelulu
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