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  1. Just saying, yall need to realize how much she puts into her music and how much it takes to do it all on her own, she explained it perfectly in her recent live. I’m happy to wait, I’m glad we are seeing her again and that she feels comfortable enough to share with us again, just the little things. the music will come and we all know it will be amazing and probably way better than what we all expect. If anything it’s nice to see people so excited for new projects but I don’t blame her for wanting it to be as perfect as possible given how quickly she blew up with the fanbase. idk just my high thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Miss mama I’ll be patient for you (but plz send me old demo’s to cry to)
  3. Anyone who knows what ‘skinhead’ is please pm me
  4. Real. but for some reason it feels way longer than that, maybe we all just have been through it since this album 😂😂😂
  5. In regards to the muffled vocals that’s def a shoegaze-y stylistic choice that I definitely have grown to appreciate but at first was jarred by. I think you’ll grow to get used to it and appreciate it.
  6. Y’all are so quick. Thank you 😭😭
  7. White Silas songs. Not sure what years. There are actually a couple more I realized I don’t have. Anyone have these? Prom Night Wake Up Call (Demo) Honey Whiskey Dare You To Move Me (Live)
  8. Omg yes!!!! Thank you 😭😭😭 I think I now have every single song in my library now. Other than the very very early ones that she doesn’t want shared
  9. Omg I didn’t even look on streaming cuz I just assumed with her 😂😂 then just antebellum I guess
  10. Also anyone have these? Rabbit Hole (Antebellum Demo) Fallen Sell Your Soul
  11. Literally spent 30 minutes ripping my hair out trying to narrow it down to 15, no idea how you all managed to narrow down to 10 😂😂😂 I also can’t rank them in order because I love these 15 all so much in so many special different ways… maybe I’m just insane anyways…. Here’s mine: (in no specific order) my 15 Ethel songs Head in the Wall Inbred Sun Bleached Flies Family Tree Selby Wall Bruises Half-Cocked A Long, Unfortunate While Ad Nauseam (Demo) Tube (Demo) Waco, Texas (Demo) Homecoming (Demo) Tongue (Demo) Dust Bowl (Demo) 78fahrenheit (Demo)
  12. Exactly. Miss the SoundCloud releases, demos, etc. ambient is fun though and I love but hope the fans don’t push her too much. Love to sit back and let her work and release when she’s ready just would wish for more communication. I get it though. I’m not her so I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel.
  13. It’s been TOO quiet lately 👀👀👀
  14. Miss thing what do you know message me girl
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