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  1. first snippet y’all we’re so close
  2. i have this exact screenshot in my gallery 😭😭
  3. when matt reposted that missanhedonia story i truly thought we were close 😭😭😭
  4. starvation too now i hate it here
  5. i just heard iron maiden on tiktok…
  6. https://on.soundcloud.com/8UCwcRoTway9NYqF8 new ashmedai track description says “little demo for the next project maybe” it’s so beautiful
  7. new Tommy pfp on soundcloud…
  8. there might be a restock after tour but i’m not sure
  9. when someone in tiktok comment section said she wanted colossus and bruises release 😭😭
  10. after putting out the demo she said it was scrapped for b-sides i believe 💔💔
  11. i’m not offended i’m just trying to say this song wasn’t put out in the ethel cain stanverse or whatever so voicing ur sonic opinion is really not important when people are being massacred
  12. weird thing to say about a song describing genocide but okay
  13. truly the gift that keeps on giving
  14. haha yes my deep dive went a little too deep and i found an old fan account of hers 😭😭
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