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    LIZ Y2K

    This is the one she said Kim Petras helped her write, btw!
  2. Madrigal


    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 ^ this is all those years except for MAYBE last year if you even count that as an actual album hahahaha. Singles ONLY and RARELY EVER AT ALL.
  3. Madrigal

    Kim Petras

    Does anyone realize the reason they were probably going to get on a track together is because Kim, Doja, and Azealia are all totally fine working with Dr. Luke? Luke and Doja go way back, pretty sure he's the reason she signed to Kemosabe--and he produced "Juicy." Since "Treasure Island" is still up, I'm guessing Azealia and Luke came to an agreement on the 30% of the royalties he was asking for from the track. Obviously she shoulda watched her mouth, just think it's funny that everyone's all up in arms over this when they're all friends with Dr. Luke. (Oh, and I'm really sad it's not happening. )
  4. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

  5. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

    i don’t know if the Music Mafia one is the same, but I know it exists. Don’t have the clip though. :/
  6. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

    BIOYL is one of my very favorite Charli songs and I very much hope it gets a proper release. Even if it’s not the A. G. x Stargate version.
  7. Madrigal


    Have you seen Lil Aaron's writing credits? I think he could pretty much write with or for anyone, I'm really glad they worked together personally!
  8. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

    Have I missed anything in the last six months of not being on this thread? // anyone else see that 1999 was #33 again on Top 40 US Radio this week? hahahaha. Time to drop a Dylan Brady produced follow up single.
  9. Madrigal


    She's waiting to deliver a slurred, sloppy-drunk Grammy acceptance speech.
  10. Madrigal

    Ayesha Erotica

    It might be worth asking Crapface about! Maybe he'd even be willing to release it!
  11. Madrigal


    I thought someone did! I keep hoping for a "part 2" of the leaks that included Love Galore V2.
  12. Madrigal


    I mean if they include some of the ones she's teased at live shows, they might be actually....really cool. I think I'm more excited for these than the original nine tracks, she is the first to admit that she benefits from working with other people.
  13. Madrigal

    Dorian Electra

    I just wish A. G. would finish up their songs together, I like Best Ride & Expensive better than all the new stuff but the Dylan collab.
  14. What do you mean, "flopped?" It's a single by a netlabel without a distribution deal, it got as much press as all her other releases...it didn't flop. She's not an artist who's trying to chart, or she would have definitely signed to a larger label by know. Her music and artistry aren't focused on mainstream commercial appeal, so I don't think she'd put an old single on there just for streaming numbers. She would put it on there if she thought it was part of a cohesive whole, which is what I think she's trying to accomplish with this project.
  15. Guessing the album will be: Shy Invisible Make Believe Fade Away True That new Danny L Harle collab ??? ??? ??? ??? Hoping only one of the old singles makes the cut, but it might even be more...I hope Shy's still on it, too. Oh well.
  16. Madrigal


    Not if you count Cecile, who did most of the vocals and is credited on a writer on six of the nine tracks. Just to be clear: I am very excited for SOPHIE and I hope she wins. At the same time, I think she's very susceptible to what critics think, and am worried (as a fan) that winning might make her even more perfectionistic and picky about what she releases or puts her name on. It's not hard to work with her, but it seems like it's near-fucking-impossible to get her okay to release a track once it's finished. I have a theory that part of why more of the Charli collabs (including Taxi) didn't come out has something to do with Pitchfork's totally unfair review of Vroom Vroom. SOPHIE likes to put on like she doesn't care what people think, but I definitely think she listens to and cares about critics' opinions. I also think Cecile was a significant contributor to the record, and though she's not credited (which might be unfair, though that's neither here nor there), she was obviously a HUGE part of the album and deserves the win and attention as much as SOPHIE does.
  17. Madrigal


    Yeah but that’s not how Grammys work, everyone involved with a song or project gets nominated & wins. But yes, SOPHIE is definitely the first trans woman to receive a solo nomination as the lead artist on a project.
  18. Madrigal


    Tied, actually. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwik1L6bwI_fAhVkiOAKHYHaB_YQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.refinery29.com%2Fen-us%2F2018%2F12%2F218854%2Fteddy-geiger-grammy-nomination-trans-artist-history&psig=AOvVaw3a8sq--7zAOzyCd6ttiJV6&ust=1544333359003070
  19. Madrigal


    I think Bibi's project will come out eventually, but I have a feeling Basside's is happening...never. Doesn't seem like SOPHIE's that keen on the songs, their manager (and "label head") was saying on another forum that it doesn't seem likely. :/ I also don't think that Hayden's release will feature SOPHIE productions. Only time will tell, and I love the ones they did together, but I think A. G. and her have done most of the new ones she's been performing. She might have a song on the 10-track Hannah album, but not sure. Also kinda very pissed at BC Kingdom for not have that "mini-album" out tonight.
  20. Madrigal


    this was fake! not sophie at least.
  21. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

    There are the two demos, and then the A. G. x Stargate one. One of Dennis' clips might have been that one, but it was the one that was going to be on Pop 2 at some point. I think Blame It On Your Love would do really well, especially with the Steffy feature. However, CTMP could do really well if they promoted it because it's catchier than 1999 & honestly it's radio promo & TV appearances that matter lmao. Look at Sicko Mode & Girls Like You.
  22. Madrigal

    what a weird collab...i did not realize that was actually happening.
  23. Madrigal

    Charli XCX

    Yeah I feel like this was a bigger part of the issue than the leak D: Yay! It’s getting a lot of radio adds in the U.S. too.
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