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  1. In my opinion NFR is almost completely forgettable. Also her weird Church shit left a bad taste in my mouth & made me stop listening to most of her material. It's hard to support an artist that associates themselves w/ groups that are Actually bigoted/ oppressive to vulnerable communities. Like Brandon Flowers being obsessed with Mormonism - I loved The Killers but my _$$ Isn't going to contribute to some fucked up racist or sexist or anti gay group of religious zealots. Fuck that
  2. Omg I read thru like 8 pages of shitposts just to realize....they're all from over a week ago. I hate this forum !!!!! IDGAF if she wins a Grammy. Between her lame church shit and the album that lacked significantly w/ lyrics and production. Maybe next "era" (using the term as loosely, as in looped filtered iPhone videos lmao)
  3. Boo @ another possible Ariana feature. So sick of hearing this desperate white girl pretending to be black
  4. I miss CD singles so much. It was fun to get a new CD and mixes or a b-side plus single artwork. Even digital singles would sometimes have a b-side or remix or acoustic version. :'(
  5. Its kind of hard to say, but there are songs that were recorded for Joyride early on that still made the cut (ie, Fires and Flames and He Don't Want It were mentioned in interviews as being Joyride songs ~2015) Then there's songs that are unreleased but were mentioned as Joyride tracks (ie, Anything Goes I believe was mentioned as a Joyride track in one interview? Can't recall ) And then there's songs that were announced for Joyride, but ended up being put on Nightride (ie, Party Favors & Ride of your life were originally called Joyride singles. Ghetto Boy was mentioned ~2015 as being a Joyride track) Basically, RCA fucked up from the beginning and should have released all these bops and should be ashamed
  6. It wasn't made behind her labels back, they decided to release those songs as a "mixtape", Tinashe called it a the darker side of the tracks or something like that? They kind of fucked up from the beginning....the release of Player was a mess, all the promo singles, they had no idea what to do with T
  7. Sharia Lawna at another megachurch SMH Guess the bitch quit Looking for America
  8. I'm glad she's releasing a song that's already leaked. If she wants to tweak it, even better in my opinion. Hope she remembers the unreleased compilation !!!!! (Damn it she already forgot)
  9. DominicMars


    Love her so much
  10. Thread remains garbage fuck you guys for shit posting 24/7. Idec if there's news anymore I just wanted to say you guys are lame for making me try to read thru 1000 Pages of shit and never finishing because the posts are too annoying
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