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  1. People criticize the fact she was dating a cop... News flash: you don't choose to fall in love, when you notice you're already in love with the person and that's it. Also she can date whoever she wants and no one has anything to do with this. Stop condemning her for who she dates or what she said.
  2. It's just ridiculous how people are dragging her, insulting her, they really don't care about how she feels. And some say they're fans... I honestly don't even know what to say
  3. THE DRAMA... "I'm done with you" - as if she needed a prick like that on the fanbase, it makes me laugh. "I’m sorry @@lanadelrey but I’m done with you," another wrote. "I’m gonna be selling your vinyls and highly sought at coke necklace and merch and donating whatever I make to Black Lives Matter."
  4. If she quits music bc of all that happened... Well, I guess some people here would actually feel happy as I saw a lot of them dragging her and making horrible comments about her. Let's hope she stays well and fine, hope she focus on the record for the next 2/3 months and serve us with another masterpiece.
  5. Finally... I guess everyone calmed down. Man, these last days have been a huge mess!
  6. This lil treat could be Life Is Beautiful hahahaha Yeah, i'm gonna talk bout this one til the day it leaks or gets released
  7. Let's hope june or july brings some goodies. Am I dreaming too much if I hope we get the first single between june or july?
  8. I forgot she mentioned Queen B. I was talking about Doja, Kehlani etc
  9. It's sad to see her own fans dragging her, obliterating her. Like, that's sick. Her own fans? There's some who are really offending her, this isn't nice. Thank the lord now she's respected inside the music industry - and let's be honest, besides Ari (which I love) the other ones whom she mentioned and who called her out are a bunch of no ones inside the industry and nothing they or their fans say can nor will affect Lana's legacy and importance inside the industry -. She's already a huge name, respected, people won't drag her nor her career down. At least I believe this.
  10. Ooohhhh the spa picture, usually people use this as a meme. But in the actual circunstances it isn't funny, especially when there's people out there who might don't know the picture is old take it serious. I saw what Tinashe and a Kehlani did, and tho I don't agree with them publicly saying to Lana delete her post, at least she reposted it without the video. People need to stop dragging her like she has any fault of what's going on rn. I saw people on other medias calling her a racist, saying she's over, saying her career ended. People don't understand - or don't want to - that she's an ally. Maybe she's afraid to say something and be misunderstood - like what happened last week with the whole dumpster fire that was the IG mess -. Also I just hope everyone here's safe. Stay home, protect yourselves!
  11. May the lord hear ya, ALL I want is cinematic production ans orchestra. Or the guitar and rawness from UV. I wish she'd work with Emile and Rick or Dan again... And PLEEEEEASEEEEEE release Life Is Beautiful
  12. What's up with this twitter thing everyone's talking bout? What's going on? I just saw her IG posts from the protest.
  13. It seems Charlie was at the protest, he posted a story earlier
  14. If i'm wrong, please, correct me... But I guess that in this case what happens is just what @ said: sh*t timing. Like, let's say the whole IG mess had happened three months ago for example: There would still be people charging an statement for her bc of the Floyd Case? Yeah, in major persons from the fanbase I guess. So I guess the major problem, what really made things go down the toilet is the timing that things happened. Like, one day she made her last post, talking bout Twigs etc, and like two days after this complete chaos began. It was really a timing problem and I guess she'll stay quiet for quite some time after everything that happened.
  15. Thank you, really, for being so nice and gentle <3 I know some people here are really angry with me and I've said things, without thinking, that made they get really upset. But this doesn't make me, in any instance, a bad person. I'm really sorry if someone got offended by anything I said earlier, I didn't wanted nor tried to offend anyone. I love this forum and I love talking to the people in here. And as much as I love this, I also love to learn and i'm open to learn more about those issues and get out of the bubble I've been living for my entire life. Just please, guys, don't attack me anymore. I just wanna talk, nice and easy, with everyone here.
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