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  1. NFR and BB definitely but are you sure about cocc? because I have a screenshot of me listening to it on release day at 6am which is midnight est for me
  2. We also should be asking about the lyrics book, I have the green one and it’s my fav thing of hers I own but one with updated lyrics from btd to ocean Blvd would be the ultimate serve
  3. the way some people act about the reviews make it seem like she’s at 30 on metacritic yeah I wanted her to have the NFR acclaim too but this album isn’t accessible to casual listeners enough besides in a few eras it won’t even matter and this album will be remembered as one of the beloved ones by fans just like ultraviolence.
  4. She did them up until blue banisters. I don’t think she’s doing any this era
  5. out of curiosity if you had to associate ocean Blvd the album with one season (like lfl is obv summer and bb is fall) which one would it be?
  6. complaining about candy necklace LQ leak as if some of y’all weren’t bopping to Rosemead exclusive baby just a few days ago
  7. seeing let the light in so high on everyone’s ranking makes me so excited, I didn’t expect it to be so good although I love both Lana and FJM
  8. I agree with you that if someone posted a candy necklace rip TAP would be too lazy to track them down but I think the cassette girl got in trouble, I remember her posting a video on Instagram crying saying she didn’t leak it and that she’s not a Lana fan so I do think they scared her
  9. if I actually get the necklace back after I sold it in 2020 I’m gonna be the happiest person ever she said “prototype” though do you think it will be slightly different? Also it’s probably a matter of weeks or months before we get it but the necklace with album bundles for release week would be a good move
  10. why do I have a feeling most of you will be disappointed with candy necklace I just think the expectations are too big
  11. I think it’s just you cause for me that snippet gave a blue banisters reject produced by drew erickson
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