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  1. Oh it’s so much prettier in person (or in real life pic lol) I fear I’m gonna have to make my 6th OB vinyl purchase
  2. NOTHING was super limited or hard to get this era so I’m not sure why people thought this one would be different. Yes, the nude vinyl is rare but it was on her store for weeks (?) or at least days before it got sold out. Yes, candy necklace picture disc sold out fast but then they restocked it and it’s still available today.
  3. I don’t like it but I won’t lie and say I’m not super tempted to buy just because I know it’ll be rare in a few years and then I’ll regret not getting it, I can’t be the only one
  4. dying at the fact they thought it would be in such a demand that fans needed a presale
  5. These prices are crazy I’m sorry and it’s so ugly too.
  6. I want the bow but if it’s $20 I swear
  7. The bow is so cute!! And so is the white pink set. The others can go. Also, the email said there’s a surprise exclusive item, I wonder what that is
  8. Well… on a more positive note who remembers that Christmas when we got yes to heaven, fine China and your girl. That was a classic
  9. Yes, I did! I emailed them on Friday so 4 work days, the automatic email says they respond within 5 days which is outrageous in itself and I know I’m gonna get the “do you still need help?” Email I wish at least the tracking worked but it says there’s no such package. Well, at least it’s still available on her store.
  10. I don’t know what to do, I’ve never had issues with her store before. I ordered SYTH vinyl when it came out and it got shipped November 16th from the uk store to Poland, that’s nearly 3 weeks ago. To add to that the tracking doesn’t work, it says no package exists and I should wait for it to update. I emailed her store last week but still no reply, of course. I remember when my cassettes from the uk store came damaged I was able to chat with an employee and I got an answer within few seconds but im guessing that’s not an option anymore and I can only reach them via mail?
  11. Anyone expected to see something like “release date: February” when these dropped on her site? then I saw “November 17th” and I was like 2024 right?
  12. There must’ve been much more pressed than candy necklace pic disc considering it’s still on her site and I imagine the demand for a SYTH 7” is much bigger. Kinda off topic but since soon all the vinyl are going to be pressed out and shipped is there a chance of a random NFR or red honeymoon repress or it’s likely to be released next year for anniversaries? I can never guess with her.
  13. Because they might ship right away and last time I ordered from the uk store it was OB cassettes that cost me around $50 and then when they arrived I had to pay additional $20 in taxes
  14. Do you guys think it’s safe to wait until tomorrow morning to order? The polish store had CN pic disc, uv, lfl represses etc etc and I’m hoping they’ll add this too tomorrow so I can avoid extra taxes and shipping but if not I’m still hoping to get it from uk or us.
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