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  1. Are You Ready? / Pants for You Because of You Damn You Driving in Cars with Boys Hollywood's Dead Hundred Dollar Bill Kinda Outta Luck Live or Die On Our Way Paradise Paris / Take Me to Paris Puppy Love / Marilyn Monroe Put the Radio On Queen of Disaster Serial Killer She's Not Me TV in Black and White Us Against the World Velvet Crowbar You Can Be the Boss What's a Girl to Do i think these are the songs you can definitely call BTD outtakes, the rest of the songs recorded during this time might have also been intended for BTD but she was having a songwriter pitching era with a lot of the songs she wrote (Roses, Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight, Ghetto Baby, etc) so we don't really know. we do have that sampler's tracklist of 20 songs she sent to that one site so i guess the ones that didnt release from that sampler are definite BTD outtakes
  2. to find a man is... very interesting sonically to say the least. like i love the song but it's a mess i wonder what a final would sound like because it's obviously not finished fdfnsdsd
  3. love how this is basically pretty when you cry and black beauty's baby
  4. she's more of an inspiration to me rather than role model however i will always admire her productivity and never ending craving to create art and i wish i had that same drive she does
  5. SYTH was recorded after Tropico was scrapped
  6. OH DFJHSB FUGHDJS sorry for my messy formatting with the info
  7. You might be on to something but i dont think this is the case as cult leader is more than likely from 2013 after tropico was scrapped but we truly have no idea
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    this song makes my skeleton jump out of my body and it lives a life of its own. thank you elizabeth
  9. Here's everything that leaked this past week, enjoy https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a7b4c70096c1ef1c6b7b0c4f97dcc4ba20230330132630/874a2c/ INFO: 01 Earthquakes.mp3 - 2012 song intended for Tropico / Also an outtake for Ultraviolence 01 Lake Placid.mp3 - 2012 song intended for Tropico / Rework of "I Don't Wanna Go" / Also an outtake for Ultraviolence Ave_Maria_BUD.mp3 - Ultraviolence outtake, uses the instrumental of "Ave Maria" by Dan Heath. Apparently was considered for Tropico as well according to BZ. Driving In CHURCHapi 21Feb14 Lim.mp3 - Ultraviolence rework of "Driving in Cars with Boys" / Produced by Paul Epworth FINE CHINA JF version 1.mp3 - The real version of Fine China; produced by James Ford he hits me because he loves me.m4a - Rough laptop demo from 2012 / Tropico/Ultraviolence outtake Let me love you like a woman.mp3 - Actual title is Pink Champagne / 2012 song intended for Tropico / Demo of "Let Me Love You Like a Woman", produced by Paul Epworth / Also an outtake for Ultraviolence Madly Day 2 Ruff.mp3 - Ultraviolence outtake / Recorded on October 1st, 2013 MELANCHOLIA.m4a - 2012 concept demo of "Ultraviolence" / Intended for Tropico OLD MONEY.mp3 - 2012 demo of "Old Money" / Intended for Tropico Summertime gpa010_08.mp3 - Cover of "Summertime" in the style of Janis Joplin / Intended for Tropico What's a Girl to Do (JeffBhasker) - 2011 outtake for Born to Die / Produced by Jeff Bhasker YES TO HEAVEN JF version 1 - Untagged James Ford version of Say Yes to Heaven
  10. basically yes! she wanted to do the film for new music but couldnt due to the music not being done this gave her more time to work on said music and it all became uv over the course of 2013 and 2014
  11. The songs she wrote on that notebook were obvious contenders if we're limited to just 3 songs then definitely Axl Rose/Elvis, Pink Champagne and Preacher. even if we haven't heard preacher i think it'd make a lot of sense for it to be part of the film considering it's obvious spiritual implications with its title
  12. i've explained this many times on how tropico started to use songs from paradise so i will explain it one more time the visuals for tropico were for an entirely new album which would eventually become ultraviolence, she realized the music wasn't ready so decided to instead use the visuals for 3 songs off of paradise and wanted ittj to be part of this film but didn't put it in tropico and paradise didn't intertwine until lana saw that the music wasnt ready for the film we've talked about this timeline throughout the thread and iirc what im saying was backed up by "insiders"
  13. paradise was released in november 2012 meaning it was potentially finished in september-october from what we know the earliest sessions for tropico were from nov 2012
  14. well that's because paradise and tropico weren't intertwined until the summer of 2013
  15. oh yeah then i dont think its NOTG and its probably Money & Power like you said
  16. it is! it was the only tropico album song she was trying to release after realizing the music wasnt ready of course it was reconsidered for UV but she really wanted to release it within the tropico extended play and film
  17. Old Money Black Beauty Guns and Roses Lake Placid Summertime Melancholia I Talk to Jesus Pink Champagne Elvis Earthquakes Nectar of the Gods Axl Rose Preacher i guess this is the tracklist then! im not 100 percent on it being axl rose though bc i swear i saw someone say the axl rose rework is from LFL/NFR/HM and not UV/Tropico... but would love to be proven wrong and i dont think anyone has Preacher ddddd
  18. oooo wait you could be right, i assumed MPG because i see the letter Y in there and MPG was made around this time iirc
  19. the notebook picture is from january 2013 and production on the film didnt start until summer 2013, at one point the film and the album were going to go together but the music wasnt ready so lana decided to sit on the music metaphorically for a while and now we have ultraviolence at one point I Talk to Jesus was going to be on the Tropico EP but was left out for unknown reasons
  20. do we know who produced the Summertime cover? i think 11 could be MPG that's what i see, and for 12 i just see Fake Rock/Fake Road/Fake Row/Full Row/Front Row
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    Summertime The living's easy Fish are jumping out And the cotton, Lord Cotton's high, Lord so high And your daddy's rich And your ma is so good-looking now She's looking good now, baby Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby No, no, no, no, don't you cry, don't you cry One of these mornings You're gonna rise, rise up singing You're gonna spread your wings, child And take, take to the sky Lord, the sky Until that morning Honey, nothing's going to harm you now No, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no, no No, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, don't you cry
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    Melanie Martinez

    damn is it really that bad?? dhsdfhsdh death was starting to grow on me, is the album even worth listening to?
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