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  1. i have problems with my eyes and this paper is very much readable to me with or without glasses it very clearly says Tropico on the left margin of the paper. and underneath it there are some song titles that are very easy to make out such as: Lake Placid, Summertime, Melancholia, Jesus, Earthquakes. i can definitely see some of the other ones are hard to read but like come on now its not scribbles there are og files and bounces of various songs with TROPICO as an album title quite literally in the metadata
  2. thank you theyve been trying to say tropico never existed for the past 4 months almost like
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    did we ever get chewing gum in hq
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    https://krakenfiles.com/view/oXwpsTVV23/file.html an alternate version of proof leaked
  5. she sounds good what the fuck im actually proud of her
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    i think banks considered different pages for the altar after its failure to be included on goddess bc why would she tweet lyrics of that song in 2015
  7. Me talking about Solange
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    idk if it was said before but Girls Up is a The Altar outtake that was reworked into Gravel does anyone know what era Please Don't Go is from
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    this is all i know sorry!!
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    Shadow was very close to being on The Altar and was actually sent out for mixing but it was ultimately scrapped. possibly because it fucking sucks
  11. out with a bang is one of my favorite songs lana has ever written its just so haunting and beautiful and sad
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    Bonnie McKee

  13. i dont think its that deep i think people just like things
  14. i just want a demo of get free where she actually says for amy and for whitney
  15. No its literally the song that became get free its already reworked into something. Please wake up
  16. malibu is a concept demo of get free i agree with you but its legit a studio demo she wanted deleted bc it was bad according to her iirc? idk
  17. do you feel the same way about every single one of her leaks especially songs like Hollywood or no
  18. oh thank god now i won't have to obsess over it until it's inevitable leak. We can all go home now guys
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    dr luke's statement is fucking disgusting. but i'm so glad that kesha's finally free from luke
  20. MARINA - ELECTRA HEART Bubblegum Bitch Primadonna How to Be a Heartbreaker Sex Yeah Homewrecker Lies Starring Role The State of Dreaming Power & Control Living Dead Valley of the Dolls Teen Idle Fear and Loathing
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    Ryn Weaver

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