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    Ryn Weaver

    right like she needs to stop posting waluigi porn art on her ig story and release something ryn please . please. i swear i didnt listen to child king when it leaked i promise please dont punish us anymore
  2. im not an official source but i dont think the UV version is all that produced as it was written with barrie right?? its prob in the vein of earthquakes, nectar of the gods, or unidentified flying bill although id love this demo bc chances are vocally its 1000x better than the rework they did for her worst album
  3. No thank you!!! i want physical dollar bills
  4. someone give me money right now (wont leak anything i just want money)
  5. cranekiss

    Ryn Weaver

    thankfully the fool is still a great album and has held up really well (for me at least) so i dont really care if she doesnt release ever again or not bc that album is fantastic almost 10 years later tonia on the other hand. she is struggling. her discography is withering away. not even red lips or lost in my bedroom hit the way they did years ago anymore. she is starting to decompose. somebody put her discography in funerary care and get the coffin ready
  6. cranekiss

    Ryn Weaver

    shes like sky ferreira but good music
  7. this is the most absurd thing ever i kinda love it.. however i feel so fucking bad for her shes on live right now talking about what her family put her through and its even worse than i thought
  8. cranekiss

    The Sims

    oh no definitely, its still not good compared to the games that came before it but its actually a good game on its own without being biased dfhbnsdh
  9. cranekiss

    The Sims

    i have grown to actually love sims 4. i have realized i only hated it because it wasnt sims 2
  10. titanic sinclair stating he wrote every single song of the mars argo project AFTER the breakup and disband despite there being literal video and audio evidence of him saying mars wrote songs
  11. nobody knew how to walk this entire fashion week... so fucking sad
  12. cranekiss

    Charli XCX

    Rain Over London - 2017 (post-N1A) Too Close For Comfort - idk what this is sorry im a flop I Wish (That I Could Break Your Heart) - this is more pop 2 than n1a 100 (Jack & Coke Version) - 2018 charli outtake Break Your Heart - i think this is 2018 Never Felt Better - late 2017 charli outtake I Got You - more pop 2 than n1a but not really either Lightning (SOPHIE Demo) - early 2018 iirc? Decent Weather - late 2017/2018 i think the only true n1a outtake is 2bad and MAYBE up n down
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    september 21st is now a national holiday for bubblebath stans all we need is chewing gum in listenable quality oh my god
  15. but that song is a glorified l+f outtake released in 2020 (less than a year after L+Fs release) its not the same as her releasing a EH inspired song 10+ years after it came out
  16. Sky ferriera lyrics leak: I Tonya No I Tonia I don't care who you are You smell like a dirty bar
  17. cranekiss


    please leave tove lo out of this.
  18. i fucking love gloves!!!! its very no doubt tragic kingdom era i can imagine gwen eating that shit up in the 90s
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