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  1. Literally filling out my ballot when She posted voting is your super power!
  2. I edited above, sorry new at sharing links. Video with plath reading tulips with old movie scenery, Lana logo at the end
  3. I was thinking about Ben's post with the 26th date. I think Lana mentioned 2 new books and one, iron gates, would be coming in march. What if the other is Chemtrails the book coming on the 26th... thoughts?
  4. I agree with rorman and bunny that she will reference wizard of oz. I'm remembering the pic she posted on insta of the painting of the girls getting swept up by a tornado "me and all my girls in Wichita today"
  5. What's going on with that, the thread was taken down and I barely heard anything about it. Is it fake? Where did it surface?
  6. I hope it's a Hotel California duet cover
  7. She said it was her first show in Sac, but not that it was her first time there in general if I'm remembering correctly. I think she said it was a very special city to her . I guess we'll see when the physical book comes
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