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  1. i love it too! like it's the opposite of what you'd expect a picture of an american whore to be. she's got no makeup, very natural, almost wholesome, clothes are not revealing, she's outside instead of a hotel or bedroom. giving "it's not what you think"
  2. I've still been thinking about Candy Necklace... so rockefeller was the richest, but only gives her candy necklaces instead of jewels. candy necklaces would ruin in the rain, so as long as he is there he's her umbrella but when he goes so will his gifts
  3. what do you think the metaphor is of the candy necklace? i mean drugs could be the obvious one, but i feel like there's more to it
  4. the black dahlia was strangled, no? could the necklace be marks on her neck from an abusive lover or a dangerous game in bed i wonder
  5. so are streaming and vinyl the same or there are differences?? i still have 1 hour till the drop
  6. i'm very excited for the album! i haven't heard any leaked songs in full but i have heard several snippets and been reading some of the lyrics and all y'alls interpretations and I anticipate this being my favorite since ultraviolence
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