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  1. on an unrelated note. im just a stupid canadian and i have no idea who margaret thatcher is or what she did but i do know i'm supposed to piss on her grave or something
  2. not you villianizing lana as a helpless CHILD
  3. i wish she did more radio interview that are longer than like 6 minutes. Or went on podcasts or something. Not that i'm particularly a Joe Rogan fan but i saw his miley cyrus interview and i like how he really goes in depth in her feelings and experience
  4. Yeah they're real and theres another thread somewhere on here of them. ugh i really hope this look shows up on the rest of cocc because this is probably her best look since Paradise
  5. I don't even think she was being particularly egotistical here. What your mistaking for egotistical is just an annoying direction of conversation thanks to it being done by a fellow artist and friend instead of a journalist
  6. i got so annoyed by the end of the interview i nearly forgot all the new info on the album she gave us at the beginning
  7. (Speaking to people around my age range of 18- 25) So you know how artists like Lana and Marina were sort of iconic and huge staples of a certain sort of tumblr community? and we were all like depressed middle schoolers listening to this stuff? I wonder who the next generations version of Lana and Marina is
  8. sorry for beating a dead horse but lana is not transgender and she's not even lgbt and she really just isn't the person to speak about trans issues. having a persona that isn't true is different from singing about being a part of an oppressed group in society. thats like if she started singing about what its like to be black in america LMAO
  9. at this point i see an equal amount of kpop and non kpop fancams tbh
  10. ok i'm not really one of the insane kpop stans but i gotta say. trashing kpop as a whole is so ignorant!! it's an umbrella term for any korean music produces under big record companies which means it encompasses many genres like r&b, hip hop, rock etc, not just bubblegum pop. Kpop is so musically diverse if you bother looking into it, you don't have to like BTS but they've definitely explored many different sounds over the course of their careers
  11. how delusional is it of me to be waiting for the single to drop on saturday and the rest of the album will be dropped later
  12. she looked great in every hair colour she's had. the only difference is sometimes she tries to look good and other times she doesn't give a shit. like her hair colour in the NFR era was fine it's just that all of her outfits sucked
  13. Based on her unreleased stuff its obvious she's had a lot of interest in a more typical pop and high energy sound. Even leading up to the viral hit video games she was making high energy stuff like National anthem (demo is way more high energy than the BTD version) and Diet mountain dew. so i wonder what drove her to make her debut album almost entirely slow and melancholic, and continue to do it for the rest of her career
  14. don't make fun of me for still listening to teen idle as if i'm still in middle school. but i've been going through a tough time lately and now i really can relate to the song. it makes me think about how much i wish i didn't have to be so bad. i wish i could still have my innocence, i wish i never grew older than the age of 4 and i could just be a baby forever so my parents would still love me and protect me unconditionally. i know it was my choice to live like this, and it was my choice to do this to myself, but i wish i hadn't feeling super super suicidal ~~~
  15. Its not the depression that made BTD iconic. Its how dedicated she was to the aesthetic and grandiosity. BTD title track video was glamorous and was a metaphor of a dying relationship as told through her literal death. NFR title track video was recorded with an iphone vintage filter and was her sitting around her house singing
  16. I doubt COTCC will be in the chorus. It might be at the beginning of the verses, and it might just be mentioned in 1 of the verses (if at all)
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