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  1. Ppl like to hate on Blue Banisters but that's bc they haven't yet realized that it is actually UV 2.0
  2. Love these specially considering that my Cancer Moon makes super super introverted and I need lots of alone time. Plus I'm going to assume the knife in the jacket is like the gemini's wit
  3. Sorry but this girl on ig was just trying to stir up drama, I bet she stays up all night watching true crime youtube videos and makes studying the "psyche" of serial killers her whole personality had to deal with a lot of them back when I was majoring in psychology. Like, eventually we study murders and forensic psychology, but some ppl just get so caught up in it, it's hella weird
  4. So, judging from the number of views on her Youtube channel (not that it means anything, just making some assumptions [also not counting the singles]) The 2 shortest songs are between the top5 most streamed ones (candy necklace, sweet, paris texas, peppers and margaret) I am gagged by the amount of views of the pastor interlude I personally haven't listened to it bc I'm not into unsettling stuff lol Grandfather being the least streamed (on youtube), only losing to jon batiste interlude, also has me gagged. Maybe the title is too long? idk She really picked the right single bc everybody is loving candy necklace, that makes me happy Has Peppers gone viral yet?
  5. There's this unidentified noise in the song at around 3:11 lol Lana Del Rey has a song, her sis croaks at 3:11....
  6. Yeah I was thinking about that too.... is she the one making the frog noises?
  7. Plssss she is so cute the little "Hai" , I'm totally using that from now on
  8. Ok there's definitely a story here - it's looks like just an audition, but the vibe is gloomy and weird, plus the flower she's wearing and probably making a reference to elizabeth short... something's gonna happen...
  9. Cute lyrics, flawless production, amazing orchestra and guitar feels like falling in love
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