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  1. It kind of depends on the location of the venue. Like Tampa tickets are still over $100 even though the show starts in a couple of hours. Charlotte seems to be pretty popular as well but a venue like Brandon might drop that low since there is less demand.
  2. I would pay attention to the Tampa resale prices today since they seem to be similar to the CLT prices. If not, maybe consider sections 4 or 9. They are a little closer to your price range.
  3. What section are you looking for? If you are okay with lawn, I’ve noticed that those tend to go below $100 right around the time the opener is on stage. The downside is that you would kind of have to be close to the venue if you wait that long.
  4. If they were really going for $130, then they are actually cheaper than face value. In this case scalpers kind of worked in favor of fans lol. I wish they would allow resale on Ticketmaster though.
  5. I actually think that the only songs that wouldn’t really work live are the interludes, Kintsugi, and Fingertips.
  6. I think bartender is a very good song, but it’s probably one of the songs that stands out the least on NFR for me. There are so many great songs on that album that she has never or rarely performed live yet like FIILY, The greatest, HTD, and more that I would rather hear.
  7. Mitski’s new album is proof that Drew Erickson can compose great orchestra arrangements. He just needs someone else to do the production of the song to let them shine like Mitski did.
  8. There’s like 6 resale tickets left on Ticketmaster from what I can see, so it should be pretty full.
  9. If you look at her stories, she reposted the TLY video that she posted a few weeks ago. I think she is just saying that her choreography during hope resembles that. Could be wrong though.
  10. I kind of hope the writer that she was talking about was Zach since she follows him back. I wouldn’t mind a collab between them. His song with Kacey Musgraves is really good and has Americana influences.
  11. Yeah just edited my comment right before this because I thought people may have been referring to her Americana comment. Americana is not country music. Sure it may have some elements but it’s closer to folk. Basically what she was doing on some parts of COTCC.
  12. Where did she say she was going country? Unless people are confusing americana with country music.
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