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  1. Just went back and watched the video and there were only like 2 cheers when she announced Lasso. Maybe that is what she was referring to?
  2. Honestly you can’t trust Lana with an album release date until you see an actual preorder up.
  3. NFR is being placed on best albums of all time lists as we speak despite only being like 5 years old. There is a reason for that and we will be lucky if Lasso comes anywhere near that level.
  4. He deleted it already lol. Probably thought it was his close stories or something.
  5. Just saw the picture and I don’t think it’s her? I also haven’t seen pictures of her in a while though.
  6. Megan Moroney would be my guess from her stories. She should join Sexxy Red just for fun too though.
  7. I keep seeing people that were there say that she looked drunk. I didn’t pick up on that during the livestream but maybe it was different in person. Or maybe she was just nervous yesterday. I just hope she gains the confidence to sing all the songs again. Not sure what happened there.
  8. Lana is deeply committed to not giving the crowd what they want.
  9. I can’t believe her stories/posts were actually Easter eggs this time.
  10. She only has like 20 minutes left and somehow still manages to keep bartender on the setlist.
  11. Ride and Born to Die should stay on the setlist. They are two of her most iconic songs. Cherry is the most popular song on LFL so I kind of get it too. PWYC could easily be replaced by any other song on Ultraviolence though. I would like to hear Brooklyn Baby again.
  12. Did Lana actually perform fishtail? I keep seeing people say that but I must have missed it.
  13. Maybe west coast needs to leave the setlist if she isn’t going to bother singing during it.
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