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  1. You can see the order here https://cdn.qr-code-generator.com/account22973716/43537749_1.pdf?Expires=1707167561&Signature=IFPZIyzz0Z6t56yexHPnBk1oBIDLcmLbRLbwdXn8~FngeLAiPmmf6dwvGGnrLDU1tKZtfM7bJERgaj~yg8dHfzvOvNKQ5TLVdN4IHj5AgQeC-cwrTIxOjUTFgMWjs4wprcn23tLdz4P0FrzL0KbCEjbB9q9TV8mKV5pxhk067BUL5k5OqJzhbhqZYPjdjJ8GEdO2n4GO-lXUqwmiOCDcnAR-v2e0UdzQ2BT0bPy3yTWtqcJ8kKX0BKR9-SVzJ9REZNg~~E28CSGrWch75KMF0iPouGhQm7EWJenCKiNepQqmFwVY00FheiPyGnvEjrcuXSxFJeZh1h4OzWBsxean2Q__&Key-Pair-Id=KKMPOJU8AYATR
  2. Not sure if anyone shared this, but here's the link to be program: https://cdn.qr-code-generator.com/account22973716/43537749_1.pdf?Expires=1707167561&Signature=IFPZIyzz0Z6t56yexHPnBk1oBIDLcmLbRLbwdXn8~FngeLAiPmmf6dwvGGnrLDU1tKZtfM7bJERgaj~yg8dHfzvOvNKQ5TLVdN4IHj5AgQeC-cwrTIxOjUTFgMWjs4wprcn23tLdz4P0FrzL0KbCEjbB9q9TV8mKV5pxhk067BUL5k5OqJzhbhqZYPjdjJ8GEdO2n4GO-lXUqwmiOCDcnAR-v2e0UdzQ2BT0bPy3yTWtqcJ8kKX0BKR9-SVzJ9REZNg~~E28CSGrWch75KMF0iPouGhQm7EWJenCKiNepQqmFwVY00FheiPyGnvEjrcuXSxFJeZh1h4OzWBsxean2Q__&Key-Pair-Id=KKMPOJU8AYATR
  3. Adding Lake Placid to this list since that can totally be stretched as Country. Hoping it makes the tracklist if any unreleased make an appearance
  4. Manifesting an album with songs like Yayo, Ride, and Video Games. Since she considers songs like that "Country." I also feel like I talk to Jesus and Unidentified Flying Bill would fit well
  5. Just because Lana wants civilian hostages freed, doesn't mean she's "pro right wing Israeli gov" or "Anti Palestine." Could she do more to support Palestinians, sure, but the idea that people are upset with this one opinion that hostages should be free is just baffling to me. TBH, it could also be argued that she and others could have done MORE to support the Jewish community after the 10/7 attacks, which resulted in the greatest loss of jewish life since the Holocaust, and yet you people are upset about a letter advocating for the freeing of hostages? Genuinely shocked at this community right now....
  6. It's redbull! You can see part of the can in the pic haha Edit: See that others above already confirmed
  7. 1. God Knows I Tried 2. Million Dollar Man ("You said I was the most exotic flower") 3. Say Yes To Heaven 4. Fine China 5. Roses Bloom For You 6. Art Deco 7. Burnt Norton Interlude 8. Religion 9. Gods and Monsters ("Garden of Evil") 10. Wildflower Wildfire 11. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 12. Old Money 13. Cherry Blossom Went for a dreamy, floral, yet sometimes slutty aesthetic
  8. Someone on insta commented that she's going to use them as inspo for her next music video
  9. I feel like it shows how Lana is in full control of her career and her success. She's making art that she feels passionate about, and in some cases she's chosen that over numbers on the chart. This release just proves that Lana can chart whenever she wants, and it's not anything to do with relevancy, but just releasing more "accessible" songs. The promotional tactics by her and her team (IE having the sped up version) just shows how they're taking this attitude for this release. Lana is just that powerful
  10. Me being Delulu once again: What if her plan is to release one unreleased song the week before each festival
  11. I'm so happy with it! I hope that it finds a proper home on an album. Either on an alt version of OB (she already took the preacher interlude off the boob vinyl so my delulu self is holding out hope that it can replace that track) or an Unreleased collection. Still, I'm so thankful for this finally being released
  12. My jacket came in the wrong size today . Emailed her store and hoping that they can send me the correct one.
  13. Ok, so what are we theorizing about the ending? She said it would indicate "where we go from here" and I'm not sure if I really understood what she was going for. Unless we're meant to interpret it as her in Heaven, and that somehow being connected to "Say Yes to Heaven" since it's been reported she's releasing that?
  14. Me in my delusion taking her note on the "where do we go from here ending" to indicate that the delay is related to ensuring that the follow up project is ready to go soon after the vid. If she chooses to use this as a way of introducing her next era (maybe the ending having the intro instrumentals of a new song or the inclusion of a new song altogether) then that could explain the delay.
  15. She said the ending will tell us "where do we go from here" so maybe there's more that she's waiting on..
  16. The comment he's replying to asked if the vid was shelved, and he's confirming that it's not
  17. I want Rust Dress to mean something, but considering that Neil staged the shoot, it will probably just remain a little easter egg to his past work with Lana
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