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  1. Because it's the reactor making money over the back of the artist. The fans are endorsing that. Listen I won't lie, I enjoy a good reaction video but only if it's free. I'm not gonna pay a reactor money for doing nothing but listening and reacting.
  2. Yes, that is what they all say right now. It's called marketing. Reactors are literally sitting in a chair listening to music, do they really deserve to be payed? Some of them ask for over a 100 dollars per video. It's a scam.
  3. I am not saying her issues are a lie.Her motive to come back is a lie. Come on, have some SENSE. So many people begging for her to come back and now she actually came back but she is saying, come to patreon and everyone pay 5 dollars? ......I mean good for her, but everyone who is gonna think her reactions to Beyonce, Lana etc. will be AUTHENTIC first reactions are fooling themselves.
  4. It was a cute video and I love that she's back, but no way she didn't listen to these albums. Come to Patreon and pay me for "first listens". No, no. What, she never heard "Renaissance"? And ya'll are gonna pay to get a fake reaction? Don't do it.
  5. Any outlet rating/reviewing this album below an 80 looks foolish TBQHWY.
  6. There's a guy on YT who does individual song reactions for Lana, Forwhateverreason is the name of the channel, and it seems it has completely disappeared out of the blue. Does anyone know what happened?
  7. That's how I've been listening all week! Taking walks, just sitting somewhere outside, driving around...that's always the best way. I find if I just sit at home and listen I get too caught up in my own thoughts. Being outside and moving around helps me focus and understand music better.
  8. Why are almost all of these reactors on youtube so fake? "Haven't heard any of this" while they effortlessly mime along with the lines and pauze at just the convenient time. Does an actual authentic reactor exist? I want to know...
  9. If anyone can get away with being a pick me girl, it's her though. She IS a different kind of woman. I never understood why people get so bended over someone saying they feel different. But it is true that basic b#tches wouldn't understand.
  10. Why are some girls so bothered with the "Basic bitch" line in sweet? Like..if you have a problem with that maybe she's talking about you. It's just a funny little lyric and some turn it into something they feel offended by. Grow up.
  11. I'm so sad for 'Sweet' and how it's so low on the rankings for so many. It's hard to pick faves on this album cause (to me) everything is top tier, but "Sweet" so beautiful, warm and so reminiscent of "Honeymoon". I even think if it were a song on that album it would capture the entire theme of the album sonically. It's in my top 5 on this album for sure.
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