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Top 25 Lana Songs of All Time?

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las time I used that sorter was forever ago so I re-did it... its honestly hard for me to rank her music but this seems pretty accurate, although I would put Video Games #1


Rank Song
1 High By The Beach
1 Get Free
3 Art Deco
3 Heroin
5 Brooklyn Baby
6 Venice Bitch
7 The Greatest
8 West Coast
9 Born To Die
9 Video Games
11 The Blackest Day
12 Religion
13 13 Beaches
14 Swan Song
15 Cinnamon Girl
16 Doin' Time
17 Fuck It I Love You
18 Put Me In A Movie
18 Radio
20 Off To The Races
21 National Anthem
22 Sad Girl
23 American
24 Salvatore
25 How To Disappear


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Did a song sorter, but don't think that the top 25 are in any particular order. I love them all equally.


Venice Bitch

Pawn Shop Blues


The Greatest


Swan Song

Terrence Loves You

The Blackest Day


Mariners Apartment Complex

Money Power Glory

Cruel World

Shades of Cool

West Coast


Born to Die

Happiness is a Butterfly

Summer Bummer

Old Money

Gods & Monsters


Black Beauty


God Knows I Tried




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In no order:

- Venice Bitch

- West Coast

- Ride

- Salvatore

- Honeymoon

- Summer Bummer

- Summertime Sadness
- Pawn Shop Blues

- Shades Of Cool

- Brooklyn Baby


- Terrence Loves You

- The Greatest

- Bel Air

- A Star For Nick

- Some Things Last A Long Time 


- Angels Forever, Forever Angels

- National Anthem

- Tomorrow Never Came

- Off to the Races

- Happiness is a Butterfly


- Groupie Love

- High By The Beach

- Fuck It I Love You

- Art Deco

- Yayo (AKA)

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In no order


1. Born to Die

2. Video Games

3. Yayo

4. Gods and Monsters

5. Cruel World

6. West Coast

7. Honeymoon

8. Music to Watch Boys To

9. Terrence Loves You

10. Cherry

11. In My Feelings

12. White Mustang

13. Mariners Apartment Complex

14. California

15. Bartender

16. Is This Happiness

17. Bel Air

18. Old Money

19. Ride

20. Cinnamon Girl

21. Cola

22. Blue Jeans

23. God Bless America––And All the Beautiful Women in It

24. Summertime Sadness 

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I don't think this is definite list, but here it is...

Alphabetical order


Black Beauty
Blue Jeans
Born to Die
High By the Beach
Lust for Life
Mariners apartment complex
National Anthem
Norman fucking Rockwell
Shades of Cool
The Blackest Day
The greatest
Venice Bitch
Video Games
West Coast
White Mustang

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1. 24

2. Boom Like That

3. White Mustang

4. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems

5. Swan Song

6. My Song 57

7. Lust For Life

8. Happiness is a Butterfly

9. The Next Best American Record

10. Love Song

11. Smarty

12. Lolita

13. Guns and Roses

14. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

15. Brite Lites

16. I Learned How To Make Love From The Movies

17. Lucky Ones

18. Pussycat Kittycat

19. Tomorrow Never Came

20. Change

21. Burning Desire

22. The Other Woman

23. American

24. Summer Bummer

25. Venice Bitch


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i feel like my top 25 is subject to change too much because she has too many good songs but my top immovable 10 would be:

1. Venice Bitch

2. Video Games

3. Old Money

4. MAC 

5. West Coast


7. Brooklyn Baby


9. Heroin

10. California 


with most of them being NFR/UV as they should :sass:


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in no order:


1. off to the races

2. born to die

3. video games

4. dark paradise

5. body electric

6. gods & monsters

7. west coast 

8. pretty when you cry

9. money power glory

10. old money

11. florida kilos

12. honeymoon

13. high by the beach

14. the blackest day

15. religion

16. salvatore 

17. cherry

18. venice bitch

19. california

20. fuck it i love you

21. salvatore

22. 24

23. ultraviolence

24. cola

25. carmen

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Tier 1


01. Gods & Monsters

02. The Greatest

03. Ride

04. Summertime Sadness

05. Black Beauty


Tier 2


06. National Anthem

07. Heroin

08. Shades Of Cool

09. Tulsa Jesus Freak ;0

10. Off To The Races


Tier 3


11. Young & Beautiful

12. Old Money

13. Mariners Apartment Complex

14. Living Legend ***

15. High By The Beach


Tier 4


16. Hollywood’s Dead ***

17. Venice Bitch

18. Terrence Loves You

19. Honeymoon

20. Burning Desire


Tier 5


21. Body Electric

22. 24

23. Cruel World

24. God Knows I Tried

25. Get Free

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