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Lana Del Rey 'Life In Looks'

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A lot of the ones mentioned already, plus these ones:


This one is one of my favorite red carpet looks of hers



I would love to hear her talk about all these gorgeous vintage babydoll dresses and where she looks for them lol plus any of the looks where she has the birds in her hair are so interesting to me





Any of her bouffant hair looks, maybe even the one from the National Anthem music video too




Such an iconic Lana look lol


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one of my favourite lana-in-jeans looks ruined by them UGLY ass shoes




so basic but the off the shoulder oversized fit is so perfect


and the black paradise hair ugh love

resident sweeter


24/7/17 - 9/7/23 - 10/7/23

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The trailer park interview outfit/the Midas jacket.



Her golden tooth era.

lana-del-rey-grammy-awards-p-e-wing-even 3068620507_1_7_b4frTdOT.jpg


This outfit.

6505cbc04703c7a2e94625489a273a44dc8710eb lana-del-rey1.jpg?resize=364,512


Any look with her wigs.



The bouffant.



This iconic behavior.



And like the rest of you've already mentioned, the saint Gucci dress, the Hedy Lamarr star dress, the tour look with the birds in her hair. :wub:

48K6p1K.gif pyg088L.png

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25 minutes ago, Beautiful Loser said:

This iconic behavior.



the quintessential look :blush3:

Happy as the moonshine

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