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Your LDR covers (audio)

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I did a lil attempt of Yosemite! I've only listened to the album for about two days, so I don't know the songs really well enough (despite it pretty much being the only thing I've listened to since then heheh), but this song is pretty easy, anyway. 



edit: aaa i just realised the second verse and chorus weirdly didn't... work? i sang the full song, i'm not sure what happened XD guess i'll have to record it again tomorrow haha

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On 7/19/2021 at 4:02 AM, larina said:



On 7/19/2021 at 4:15 AM, Stargirls Dealer said:

Please make your own original album immediately :angie:

Oh my god, I’m seeing these comments just now! Thank you so so much! :kiss:

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1 hour ago, takeitdoen said:

I did a cover of Riverside but left a gap on Lana's part if anyone wants to duet.




More like Mr. Born to Win :crai: Gorgeous voice, gorgeous face... 




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Hey!) I would like to share my covers of some of Lana's songs, I wanted to do this for a long time, but I was shy. So here it goes







You can listen to more on my channel, I don't want to spam too much all the covers here

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Hi guys,

long time lurker here and huge Lana fan.

I have just released a cover of DYKTTATUOB and would love it if you gave it a listen.

Here's the Music Video: 



Here's the EP on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4B49gQnsByqsMdanf1eIjv

and Youtube: 



It might be country restricted because of licensing.


Just know I'm no singer: I'm an English teacher and this is part of a project where I collab with my students so they can have a creative outlet despite the lack of actual music classes.






Listen to my cover of Tunner under Ocean Blvd on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4B49gQnsByqsMdanf1eIjv

and watch the MV: 


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