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  1. Here it is: Btw, Lana was amazing, in person it's definitely her best tour yet and honestly last night she gave some of her best vocals ever. Also, the venue was huge and allegedly 20k tickets were sold. The PIT was loud af! The sound was pretty bad though -- not her fault, the festival is very messy. Disclaimer: sorry about the singing and the screaming!
  2. Nope, not this one. I was in the PIT. It's still processing, 16 mins to go!
  3. I'm currently uploading the full show to YouTube recorded in 4k from the third row (which means it looks good tho people were pushing like animals). Give it an hour or so
  4. hi everyone! newbie here... just did an alternate mix of hope with extra piano, strings and guitar inspired by the string version someone posted a few days ago: https://clyp.it/fkuale22?token=7f87c831b89e9c3c8fc94bb776dfa221
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