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  1. Lana was amazing tonight, I'm so glad I got to see her live in my hometown. Still can't believe she came to Liverpool
  2. Love >>>>>>>> Groupie Love Summer Bummer Lust for Life Coachella <<<<<<<
  3. Thanks for sharing my edit queen Elle I actually made a cleaner version here (there was a mistake around the 15sec mark on the one you posted). If anyone still wants it: http://picosong.com/WHP6/
  4. lol nah, he'd still be mental with a wonky hairline
  5. Looking for her Honeymoon box set
  6. What do you mean? You know I love you and I wasn't dragging you at all, I love your posts lol I was saying what I'd do if I met her
  7. You since meeting Lana >>>>>>>>> Seriously I'm so jealous if I saw her I'd be in Heaven, id take loads of selfies, get her to sign and kiss my face and maybe propose to her.
  8. Something dark and unexpected like UV please
  9. Lol I think we're all like this. Some days I love Lana more than my boyfriend and it worries me.
  10. I don't feel like it's either tbh, it's more like a mix of the two than a continuation of either.
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