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  1. Lust

    Instagram Updates

    would rescheduling shows be a stronger indicator of a bigger tour? since she must want the dates to allign with other shows?
  2. Lust

    Kim Petras

    I am enjoying the music, but the backlask and her flopping on the chart overall makes it a little less fun to listen to this album lol. I know that should have no impact on how enjoyable the music is, but I feel like alone deserves to be popping on the charts, atleast one of the remixes of it. It's a shame that the single release went the way it did. I plan on seeing her live in concert, she is a brilliant performer, but lately in her TV performancs it seems like she's completely out of breath and the choreo is pretty boring. Im assuming its probably just nerves. But these things make me a little less excited to see her live. I am however excited to shake my ass to alone and slutpop songs live!! hope she does the remix i wish we could go back to the era 1 singles and TOTL days. TOTL was literally the last time I was super excited for a release. The surpise release had me so excited and that sound is fucking brilliant, so fame monster. Anyway, I am still enjoying the new album despite all this, thousand pieces is criminally underrated, love it, gives me white mercedes by charli vibes <3 luv u kim
  3. Lust

    Kim Petras

    I'm good and used to know me are such good bops though! they're so fun and danceable, the samples make them easy to like since they're familiar, they click instantly
  4. Lust

    Kim Petras

    I know this was only last year but I've seen a trend lately of artists releasing and doing what fans ask for, especially fans on Tik Tok, like releasing leaked music and slowed / faster versions of songs, so I think it's a possibility. plus I'm pretty sure Charli was a bit bitter that era over what her fans were saying about the music, so the last thing she cared about was pleasing them Also, Kim seems to like chasing streams and trends (which there's nothing wrong with imo) so if enough people ask for it, I think it could happen
  5. Lust

    Kim Petras

    her comments are flooded with disappointed fans, hoping her team makes a eurodance style remix or something because there's no way you can be satisfied disappointing your audience like this
  6. Lust

    Kim Petras

    the chorus snippet sounded so damn good...hoping for a nice 4 on the floor beat for the chorus, If it's this same damn boring beat I'm gonna be so sad I was looking forward to this
  7. is ordering from ldr village a bad idea? I've heard alot about people not receiving their orders. Also, any idea what the sizes are like? I wanna get the rose t shirt and I'm a 5'4 thin man, so clothes never fit me lmao but I'm scared the small is like a women's small?
  8. what songs do you think NEED visuals? I think Paris Texas most of all could have really beautiful and majestic visuals! A&w, taco truck and fishtail are also some songs that I think could have nice visuals but I think Paris Texas needs a music video most of all! it's not my favorite song on the album or anything but its sound just draws so much imagery
  9. if any of y'all are going to that pop up shop can y'all buy a heart shape vinyl for me I'll pay u 😭😭
  10. guys do you think they might restock the colored vinyls? The pink vinyl is not on the Canada store anymore. wish I pre ordered them before but I want them so much more after hearing the album
  11. I can't tell if that's a joke lol but if it's true I'm very intrigued, that could be very interesting
  12. is there any chance that "sweet" on the tracklist is that "sugary sweet" LFL outtake? I remember reading that it was finished but what if she finished it for this album?
  13. Lust

    Doja Cat

    I'll be going to the Vancouver one! I'm sure her set will atleast be 45 minutes? since she's kind of a big act?
  14. Lust

    Doja Cat

    yes because my friend is a huge weeknd stan and I'm going with her ! I do like the weeknds music but I'm more of a casual listener
  15. Lust

    The Weeknd

    I hope doja is co-headlining rather than just opening. what do you guys think?
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