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  1. Bummy Boy ™ - MadonnaMakesHerCum (prod. Karl Martian)
  2. omg i didnt know that Deddie Reynolds was her mom RIP ETA: i just saw this on TCM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqyuIFSNxYI i guess it was made before...more people died
  3. this is beautiful <333 ETA: that experience you had with that medium person is so amazing and interesting wow
  4. THIS IS GOLD amazing. a week or so before the recent leaks i dreamt that a song was gonna leak so maybe this'll happen for you too lol <3333 ETA: PLEASE post all of your Lana dreams from now.
  5. i was thinking that he was maybe booked for both parties or something ETA: Santa to the stars - i literally googled that and found this http://www.santatothestars.com/ ..is that him? lol
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