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  1. Song 1 has been suspected for a really long time back in the day to be "Cherry Bomb" because it was such an infamous unreleased. There's nothing to know about it besides the fact that it was supposed to be on Cry Baby and that it's most likely called "Cobra" (produced by Bloodshy & Avant).
  2. I honestly wonder why people keep bumping this thread. There's nothing to talk about...
  3. Jord


    I ripped the performances from YouTube and included the artworks they used for promo here: https://we.tl/t-9vrRVji6Ac
  4. Hope you’re saying this jokingly…
  5. Jord


    So after an exhaustive day I tried relaxing a bit by designing something I've always wanted materialized, so I came up with this: Hope you guys like it!
  6. Jord


    Somebody PINCH me, this is the moment we're waiting for since 2019.
  7. Jord

    Britney Spears

    Britney is strong, down to earth, humble, loving… One of the kindest popstars there ever was. She truly deserves the very best in the world. I’m SO proud of her honestly.
  8. Jord


    Aw, it's no problem! I'm glad I helped. And it's a nice surprise to know there's a file in higher quality, I'd really appreciate if you could send it over. <3
  9. Jord


    I guess you were mistaken about the version but I decided to upload anyways as you requested. The only difference is the fade-out and that it's explicit. I uploaded the demo here that I've had since like 2009 and it's the best quality you'll get for this unfortunately: https://we.tl/t-GXg5V3YrHj That's so true... new fans will only get files in real HQ if they connect to the die-hard long time fans, I don't know what happened but most of Kesha's stuff is scattered around the web and in super processed files that seem to have been recorded with a potato. The times I checked a few master posts to compare files to the ones I have were atrocious.
  10. Jord


    I ripped it in AIFF from the CD + DVD Japanese bundle: https://we.tl/t-gv9NH8NlML
  11. Jord


    Yes, except I have “Serial Killer (Demo 2)” and “Clouds (Demo)” instead of early mixes because they have major differences in comparison to the released versions. The other ones are early mixes in fact.
  12. Jord


    We already knew the album was amazing but the new mixes took things to a whole other level. I’m so happy she managed to come up with something so good as her debut. Though she’s still a small artist, I see a brilliant future ahead and she deserves it so much.
  13. Jord


    OMG. So the album released and it’s clear that every song has been mixed again with minor improvements (like “Venom” and “Dog House”) and greater differences (like “Letters”, “Villain” and “Serial Killer”). We did it Cathys and so did Cathy, this is our moment.
  14. Some of you are so mean to her it’s ugly. She deserves this, she deserves that, she’s a liar, she’s this, she’s that... Something as sad as the lack of music is seeing so many people taking every lil opportunity to mock her.
  15. Jord


    As far as I know, a lossless version of the a cappella has never been shared.
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