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  1. I've seen some people already gave their reviews here but after months without logging into Lana Boards, I decided to show up here just to say that it was one of the most special, incredible experiences I've had in my whole life. Last time I saw Lana was November 2013 so needless to say that I missed her a LOT. And then yesterday she was right there with an impeccable set list, she looked amazing, her costume was great. My god, it was absolute perfection. She's so special to me. And we fucking had FLIPSIDE so nothing else in the world matters!!!
  2. Jord


    I still remember listening to her EPs like 10 years ago (or 11? Or 12?) and I can't believe she still doesn't have a debut album. Hopefully she can release this one she has in the making!
  3. I have no idea where from you got the idea that “Ms Bluebeard” leaked, I think you had a dream and now you think it’s real tbh lmao it never did
  4. CD is from the Wild at Heart album. Not happening anytime soon.
  5. Okay...? The other user asked about the shows and I replied with info about the shows, but clearly sOmEoNe needs to come around and make shady comments that add no value at all and have nothing to do with the discussion. This has gotten old. Next.
  6. The sound engineer was an absolute mess and he's no longer part of Sky's team. That's what can be said for now. Besides, I have a conspiracy theory. We had no info at all on "99 Tears" in 2010. So I was wondering... I really think the song's real title was "Cry Baby" the whole time and it was meant to be the title track to Sky's debut meant to be released in November 2010 and January 2011. Then, when it got delayed and they decided to release As If!, they changed its title to shake us off because they were already planning on releasing another project (most likely the early iterations of Wild at Heart). Don't know why I thought of it now but I guess it makes sense.
  7. This thread mimics the underworld, it’s baffling how some users can say WHATEVER they want and stay safe. It’s like authority abuse. If we call someone a drug addict or other names we’ll get a fucking warning point, yet we open this stupid thread and see users disrespecting Sky in EVERY page. There’s a huge difference between dislike and lack of respect. Every now and then I get to this forum and I always regret it considering the freakshow it’s become. It’s not meant to be taken seriously but the disrespect that’s seen here while admins are as blind as a sea sponge is just gross and incomparable to other threads. In case this gets me banned, bye bye to y’all!
  8. Sky sounded good, there was no such thing as being “out of tune”? LMAO. She forgot the lyrics to a post-chorus line in You’re Not the One and messed up a bit but it was cute, no big deal. She got onstage 25 minutes late and probably there were tech issues because while we were waiting for the show, they had to change the microphone that was there. She asked for Nobody Asked Me three times and the people started playing random songs and she was like????? Someone in the audience yelled “what’s going on?” and she replied “beats me, I don’t know.” They probably cut her short because Nick Cave was gonna perform and the stages were like super close to each other so it’d be a mess. Either way the show was great and she looked beautiful
  9. I was at Sky’s concert yesterday and she said nothing about a new album or anything. She wasn’t late in terms of being late to the festival because she was there half an hour in advance, she soundchecked “Don’t Forget,” “You’re Not the One,” “I Blame Myself” and another one I didn’t recognize. No idea if it’s online already but the setlist was: Boys 24 Hours Don’t Forget You’re Not the One Nobody Asked Me Innocent Kind
  10. Last night I had a frightening dream Standing by my bed was a headless man wearing a tuxedo
  11. Yes, I’m sure about that. I never popped the bubble because the fake “Overplayed” is so good that I wanted to live in the fantasy that it was real, too. Sorry to disappoint you but we have nothing when it comes to that song.
  12. The singer is just a placeholder, a random female vocalist. This song was taken from an album filled with music that's free to be used in commercials, ads and etc. The leaker changed the song's tempo to make it a bit slower than the OG version and lowered the pitch to make it sound like Victoria Horn.
  13. I hate to disappoint you guys but we've never had any writer's demo of "Overplayed" as that file we have of it with Victoria Horn singing is fake. Only "Ditch That Bitch" is real. The other one isn't sung by Lady V (Victoria) nor the song is called "Overplayed."
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