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  1. I understand the anxiety about Sky posting pictures in studios but let's not forget that Sky recorded a couple of songs for NTMT shortly before it was announced. I'm sure she'll be using songs from like 2015-2016 but we'll still have super fresh material. Let's keep our fingers crossed because she teased March before and also there are a lot of festivals happening, I'm sure they wouldn't do a [mini] "tour" like this without a proper release in the works.
  2. March is happening for real this time. We will get new Sky in 2022!!!
  3. Jord


    Even if it’s fake, Cathy should take advantage of the hype and release it this Friday anyway. If she doesn’t have songs with these titles, get to the studio today and work effortlessly and nonstop so everything will be due on Friday. Also, “Dangerous” and “Heaven” as tracks #11 and #12. Love you, Catherine.
  4. Her absolute power. Blah-blah-blah Sky is over, blah-blah-blah she retired! Yet legendary singer Sky Ferreira still has people coming to her thread to discuss and complain after 8+ years since her album.
  5. Jord

    Lady Gaga

    $2500 is a JOKE...
  6. I think they could exist in the same world. Maybe Night Time, My Time being a sophomore? Cry Baby was complete, it had a release date, it had an "album cover", a known title etc. It's not like Sky scrapped the album while she was still doing sessions because she didn't like the material. One of the reasons Capitol didn't release it was because the investment was really high and both "One" and "Obsession" weren't major hits, so they decided to go with the EP.
  7. I love this Cry Baby mockup someone uploaded to Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/96427711/Sky-Ferreira-Cry-Baby-Packaging-%28Fan-Made%29 The track list is rather inaccurate but still it's a very beautiful design. This album being shelved will always be one of my biggest frustrations in life.
  8. I'd put "Look at You" / "Paper Doll" / "Take It Slow" / "Hallucination" / "Sick of You" / "Shiny Toy" under Unreleased, the rest could be Cry Baby.
  9. Jord


    1. Also: https://youtu.be/3zLJp_dDO6Y
  10. Jord


    The YouTube rip is the best you'll get for now since it was uploaded to YT originally.
  11. The person on Dbree seems like someone who came from the deep web posting "messages" to people here like... (?) Weird.
  12. The proverb that she posted is related to March and its weather. In case she's telling the truth, March is still kinda far away but it's better than nothing.
  13. 8 years since Night Time, My Time.
  14. Jord


    The version that leaked is a demo/early mix.
  15. "Damn You" for me. I remember when the final version snippet leaked from the publishing website, so hearing the full song (even if it was just a demo) was amazing.
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