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  1. collin

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    literally my thoughts exactly. idk who designed that cover but her name is so far from center it gets ruined
  2. collin

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    this 😭 covid has vinyl production so backed up i hope she didn’t just choose not to press it. hopefully it’s just coming later
  3. i'm gonna kill the hoe that keeps rejecting my lyric edit to add the spoken outro to hope on genius
  4. the physical version of FILY is much better than the streaming one imo
  5. i just wish she was showing the us webstore the same attention she's showing the uk ... i want signed shit sis
  6. lana didn't really need to include NBAR on the album the production is so clunky next to jack's and it kinda feels like filler which i hate to say about lana
  7. the boy with the album has time to retweet me but doesn't have time to leak the album ... um
  8. i think she does say "and i'm wasted" and apple music's lyrics are wrong which happens all the time
  9. collin

    Fuck It, I Love You

    the drums are the same as the lucky ones demo
  10. collin


    we're definitely not getting one, i bought the blue deluxe before that's gone too and im stuck with standard :// i rlly wanted a collectors too
  11. collin


    okay but where's the collectors edition of melo thoooo literally didn't buy the deluxe bc of collectors and if this bitch doesn't release it i'll b pissed bc now i have neither
  12. collin

    Get Free

    this is a total reach. but. there are two names in the thank you section of lust for life that stand out. "to misty & emma." thats it. so like what if these are the names from the part of the song that got removed. idk big reach, for all i know these are just people i don't know in her inner circle or whatever lmao
  13. collin

    Song vs. Song

    video games vs i dont wanna go
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