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  1. ...until those strangers learn to respect her privacy and not go up to her to take a picture you won't stop seeing Lana taking selfies with them. Do you expect her to brush her fans off and refuse a photo? It's just funny how you blame her for taking a selfie when all of LB would run up to her for a photo even now during a pandemic
  2. Which means she's quite respectful for even asking. The mask won't even do much when they're so close to each other. As someone who had covid I can confirm that just wearing a mask doesn't guarantee your safety. Of course it minimizes it but there is so much other precautions that should be taken on top of the mask that the everyday person doesn't even acknowledge.
  3. I remember one of the fans confirmed that she actually asked him if he would like her to be without the mask in the selfies.
  4. Sometimes the rhymes help create a "melody" or a flow which helps to read through the poem more easily. However I personally don't care if there is a rhyme or not as long as it makes sense cause sometimes people will try too hard to find a rhyme and in the end the whole poem doesn't make sense unless that's what you're going for. I've read reviews of Violet that say the poems feel clunky, amateur and don't have a particular flow to follow. And I agree with those statements but that's what I enjoy about Lana's poems. She shares her thoughts the way they are in her head. To some poets rhymes come naturally while writing and that's amazing. I hardly write with rhymes cause I don't have that talent to come up with one on the spot so in the end I just put whatever is appearing inside my head.
  5. Just finished reading them. The honesty and the rawness of the poems are very captivating. They capture something special. Very gentle yet powerful . "Bread and Oranges", "Sanguinolency" and "Always Lovely" are my favourites, especially the last two pages of "Always Lovely". The incorporation of Lana's poetry is lovely as well as I believe it's quite underappreciated among her fans
  6. I'm quite intrigued so I'll definitely read them later when I'm more free. I love that it's written down on paper and the handwriting is beautiful. Thank you for sharing
  7. I don't understand why people are annoyed at Lana for promoting her brother's and sister's work. Maybe Lana sees something special even if we think they're mediocre. If I had a platform and genuinely felt like my siblings had something to give to the world I'll promote them as much as Lana promotes her siblings.
  8. I won't compare Billie to Lana since Billie is much younger and has years and years of developing in front of her. But the way Lana uses her references separates her from everyone else. NFR is a prime example since it's built on them. Lana's world as a whole is built from a reference on top of a reference. It does show her "level of knowledge" of those artists or even places. What I dislike is when people say "Well isn't she a songwriter? Why can't she express herself better on social media and interviews?". They are not connected in any way and many don't seem to understand that.
  9. This was quite an interesting read. Makes me kinda nervous for the album since she is so unsure of it. I am so intrigued by White Dress and Dark But Just a Game. The part where she calls WD's chorus stupid made me giggle. I wonder what happened at that party with Jack. The photos are breathtaking. Weird but beautiful. The photo with the hoodie in particular is immaculate
  10. ...wow. I hope Lana starts being more careful. Val does seem like a nice person judging by the exterior but she started hanging with Lana out of nowhere in recent years. And we know how fake people can be in LA. So I won't be surprised if it's her who is leaking the engagement stories. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Can someone summarize what is written about her? It doesn't give me access.
  12. Lol I am dying at the russians/ukrainians who are taking over the comment section of the music video. Get that promo Lana
  13. Now this is actually quite smart. Einstein has nothing on Lizzy.
  14. I can see that happening. She loves referencing Joni's work lately. Just like Lana's California references Joni's California. It could be the case here as well.
  15. I just woke up and saw that Chemtrails is trending on second place in the US.
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