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  1. i dont know about yall but don't forget is still on my daily rotation. the stockholm syndrome babes xxxxx she has a chokehold on me
  2. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    also real talk grins can litrally fit in any record - reworked A LIL BIT accordingly of course
  3. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    guys you made my day a lil bit better i am so happy that some of you guys still have taste and to read youse giving love to true romance and sucker (edit: including H&E AND SUPER ULTRA) ... i feel valid in this chilli's right now
  4. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

  5. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    will the charli xcx experience be another TOUR because i am legitimately pissing myself annoyed bc she did the correct true romance deep cuts man i am UPSET
  6. i am starting to feel that maybe h*lsey is right... it is looking like she doesnt rehearse? on the primavera performances, shes fiddling about with her earpiece so i am assuming she cant hear herself?
  7. i dont think its necessarily a bad thing that dont forget can fit in ntmt but i feel that this is that song the bridges both ntmt and masochism. dont forget borrows the hazy anthemic nature of youre not the one/ntmt but melds in the lush strings and chamber-iness of downhill lullaby and making it more, well chamber pop (which im obvs gonna use as my point of reference for how sonically masochism is going to sound cus duh its the first official taste we got for masochism anyway) i would even argue that sky is just playing her strengths and adding a lil sumting to differentiate it from what we know ha for. cant realy say its back to form when its just a literal comback from where she left off really alsooooooooooooooooooo im delulu ofc but sky is the nearest thing ill get to a pop girlie doing shoegaze my bloody valentine depression cherry myth beach house with that corny ass 80s revival wave 103 anthemic wouldnt it be good nik kershaw ting and it just hypes me for her release
  8. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    dya guys reckon we'd get the tour intro's soon or are they already out... also is there like a proper file for the good ones instagram/tiktok snippet? thanks huns
  9. its true ITS TRUE 80s esque is what she excels at the most like i dont know how to explain the terminology for 80s music but the cliches being more synth leaning, anthemic choruses with the song usually ending with a fade out.. she gets it. she gets the formula correct like i pray for rain is LITERALLY drive by the cars
  10. if you think this song is literally not good then did you not enjoy NTMT at all? this ticks all the boxes: gritty guitar + strings + moody synths, anthemic chorus???????????????????????????????????? girlies you hhave NO IDEA how obsessed i am with this song
  11. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    do any of youse remember the order of songs that was playing before the gig started? i know taxi played right after the end of the gig
  12. girlies ive been listening to a lot of nik kershaw lately and i am just ascending at this song i love love love it despite listening to it for almost a month street is on fire, disease has been caught
  13. the guitars are making my pherghina shake
  14. yall um wtf people are now getting themselves doxxed for dula peepa leaks in dbree when you search for sky ferreira ???
  15. playboy barbie

    Charli XCX

    which of you faqqs are going to the manchester gig and also coming out to village after? hoping to see yeule about bc my friend likes her
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