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  1. I sing Lana's Songs way too often, it's kindof an addiction. So theres a lot of songs I do know word for word, some theres a verse or two I have no idea what she is saying Kill Kill Video Games Born To Die National Anthem Million Dollar Man Ride Yayo High By The Beach Religion Swan Song Young & Beautiful Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Summer Wine Cruel World Old Money Sad Girl Tomorrow Never Came Get Free Norman Fucking Rockwell Doin' Time And plenty of unreleased songs too, these are just the ones I know I never mess up.
  2. I hope a single comes out and slays me because the anxiety & stress of 2020 is unrelenting! Slay me Lana, I know you can!!
  3. Yes... Do you own a iPad?
  4. Born To Die's album cover is the worst cover of all the albums..
  5. it better leak someday, because I'm definitely playing it at my funeral.
  6. What Photoshop are you using for this?
  7. Contagion .... Ooft wait, The Happening
  8. Life Is beautiful (If there is a full studio version), Yosemite, Roses Bloom for you, Wild One & Don't Stop would give me life.... And c'mon, Honeymoon music video in HD would free me!
  9. In F*cked My Way Up To The Top I used to think she said "American piece of fucking bore to me" Instead of "Mimicking me is a fucking bore to me" Took another fan on instagram to correct me lol..
  10. Because he ain't got it. Anyone who claims something so large as this single being in their possession, hyping with no real leaks is just trying to stay relevant..
  11. Yeah saying lyrics we already heard from Cinnamon totally means he's got it? lmfao...
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