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  1. I truly do not understand the hype over this album? I was actually excited but it sounds like a pretentious tryhard version of happier than ever which was also a snoozer.
  2. Her most divisive album yet.. A classic in the making, I fear.
  3. I thought there was a song on this album called Radical Optimism? I swear it was on the back cover of the mock ups! Anyway, this was a great record and I see myself playing it all summer.
  4. I would buy this if she didn't have a weird, one sided obsession with marina.
  5. Same, not to mention Charli posted multiple times about Marina semi-recently. I guess we're still in denial about the hair line too even though...
  6. I thought the same thing. I actually turned it off. Not everyone can be a DJ and that's OK. It was fun and most fans loved it.
  7. Girl is about Marina and no one is changing my mind.
  8. No and this is why I'm high key in favour of gatekeeping. OB might be but I think she has played into people saying it's her aesthetic. BTD was hipster and "gangster" Americana, UV was west coast grunge, Honeymoon was floral and dreamy, L4L was futuristic and 60s, NFR was.. whatever that was lol, COCC was southern inspired, BB was not really aesthetic driven imo.. And Lizzy Grant was tropical Hawaiian trailer trash chic. She's always been feminine but is that really enough for it to be such a fixation for some people? I don't think so.
  9. God I wish she was still like this, she was actually relatable in a way less pretentious way.. Now it just seems like she's trying to over compensate because of what she said in the past and it's just coming off the wrong way.
  10. Get Drunk is such a hidden gem, idk how she would rework it but I'd love it.
  11. Okay I've been trying to find other websites that may have had track previews, like maybe some other Canadian music sites, but Google removed the search by date function on my computer and phone. 😭
  12. thanks bestie! so I'm assuming it's because of the tiny amount they made but how did they have the CDs ready for the release day a month later?
  13. Huh? it did come out on Valenties day, I went and bought it the day it came out.
  14. creditcardromancer

    Miley Cyrus

    So much better than the version on ESV, they should’ve just made the chorus a little cleaner and used this.
  15. Not y’all posting her campiest lyrics and saying they’re bad… A bad lyric to me is “we can slow dance to rock music, kiss while we do it, talk till we both turn blue”.. I don’t know why but to me it’s just bad.
  16. creditcardromancer

    Miley Cyrus

    The 10 year anniversary edition of Bangerz vinyl is on her website and has an urban outfitters sea glass green variant. I really didn’t think she would ever rerelease it but I’m so glad she did!
  17. I would love for her to go back to instrumentals I can actually hear properly.. Blue Bannisters wasn’t bad but these poorly mixed jack tracks need to stop.
  18. Queen of leaking her own music for a profit!
  19. Saying a trans woman is a biological man isn’t transphobic.. It’s a fact. If you cared about trans women as much as you claim you do you would admit that, because biological males and females have different physiology, which means in severe medical situations they receive different medical treatment depending on that, and receiving the WRONG treatment can kill or permanently disable you. There’s a reason they’re TRANSwomen and not just WOMEN. mod note: user was warned for this post, transphobia will not be tolerated here
  20. Well, normal people without mental illness don’t tent to kill themselves, so that’s probably going to be your only option. Good luck with that.
  21. It wasn’t even transphobic, I made a statement about how barely any biological women were featured in Marinas magazine. Get a grip and stop following me around threads hun.
  22. Go ahead lol. You think you’re doing something while I’m just screen shotting and showing people how deranged y’all act over nothing. I bought we all knew she was singing about Ed Sheeran getting used by Ellie Goulding?
  23. Aw well that’s a personal attack which isn’t allowed on here so I reported you sweetheart.
  24. It’s one thing to tell me to kill myself, which is laughable, but going out of your way to also send me a message calling me a dumb fuck? Because you didn’t like a comment? LOL
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