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  1. This is super fucked up and completely undeserving. I’ve been a part of LB for a decade now and @Ellehas been nothing short of a great admin since she purchased the site. LB was pretty much dying slowly before Elle took over and put in countless hours of hard work to keep the site what it is. Whoever did this is just fucked.
  2. God bless this thread. The drama. Y’all put more effort into this thread than Sky does irl. Y’all deserve some leaks ffs.
  3. Okay so just off the top of my head, I would probably kill for an apocalypse type game with a shotgun wielding Lizzy Grant as the main character. Escape from Coney Island when?
  4. Wow. Sky doesn’t even do anything and yet this is still one the most entertaining threads on the forum. Still hopeful for anything Sky related at this point, but you know how that goes.
  5. Just Cherry

    Kali Uchis

    Does anyone have a masterpost handy?
  6. At least the vinyl is cute
  7. Really just curious about Star Lux, Bikini Gold, and Talking Like an Answering Machine. Would also like to reiterate that Neon Shadows is probably not a Lana song
  8. One of the most iconic video game characters of all time and one of my personal and earliest role models! I’ve just finished relaying Rise of the Tomb Raider and started replaying Shadow a few days ago. The survivor series is good, but I miss the classic nostalgia for sure.
  9. Congrats baby. I really can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Born to Die came out and almost 10 years since I joined the forum. I remember this era like it was yesterday. I was 16. It was a really transformative time of my life. Video Games hooked me so hard, and to think, I didn’t like Born to Die (the song) on the first few listens. Glad I pulled my head out my ass.
  10. I’ve liked the song the few times I’ve listened so far. I wouldn’t mind something more in this vein.
  11. I have never heard an official explicit version or demo, but you might be thinking of the pre-fame live version she performed!
  12. Text You pictures is pretty bad, but it’s good to finally hear it after 11 years. I used to want it so bad. Heiress is a bop though, no doubt.
  13. Just Cherry

    Charli XCX

    Anyone have an updated list of everything that’s leaked so far? Hard to keep up with.
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