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  1. Your Band is All the Rage has always had an emotional grip on me
  2. I just wanna throw it out there - I will literally RIOT if this bitch changed any of the lyrics of Nectar of the Gods, especially the second verse.
  3. So wild we’re getting all these unreleased songs on this album. Gonna be legendary.
  4. Pleasantly surprised the album is actually still named Blue Banisters. The artwork is beautiful.
  5. My chest, the Sierra Madre My hips, every high and byway
  6. You say there’s gaps to fill in, so here
  7. Just Cherry

    Text Book

    People say we’re too much alike But maybe finally that’ll make it right At the end of all these sleepless nights Other men I met felt right But would smile at you And stick a knife In your back Finally I met you so I’m not wondering why
  8. There’s just something so special about White Dress and Dance Til We Die. Career highlights. Instant favorites. The whole album is great though.
  9. The alt verses from the Max Martin demo Verse 1 One foot in the door I’ve been trying To get your attention Is it working, oh yeah Love me or love me not I don’t care anymore But baby I’ve been dying To get your attention And I was like Verse 2 One Day or one night I’ve been trying To make a connection Is it working, oh no Love me or love me not I don’t care anymore Cause babe I’ve been dying To taste your affection And I was like
  10. Just Cherry


    I think the second line is “you think I’ll ever feel any magic again”
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