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  1. you know she dead at the end. RIP Lana
  2. yaaasss lana slay me so much im excited and im guilty but i hope one of them has monologue in them
  3. "I know everyone is extremely anxious to hear Lana Del Rey's new album, Ultraviolence and i know we are all just dying for it to leak but it's not too far away now. Actually we should expect a leak at any moment. I say this because albums usually leak 6 days before UK/US release and it is usually around 5:30pm EST when it happens. Mark my words we should have this album at some point tonight. Unless Lana and Interscope have decided to use some unusual method of distributing the CD's and Vinyls that hasn't been done before in order to prevent a leak, but I highly doubt that, it would affect sales. Like I said, albums really do leak 6 days before UK/US release so we are in the final stretch! Also, be sure to pre-order the album on iTunes or get it in the store if you choose to download the leak! I'll Post the link to Ultraviolence as soon as it's available. "
  4. LEts get Brooklyn Baby and West Coast on KIIS and 97.1 Amp make my morning to school much more brighter
  5. Old Money sounds like gatsby references or is it just me... "racing cars" "young and pretty" "where have you been where did you go" or am i just reaching too much
  6. I wish i had a BF i could write songs with
  7. Someone better post an HQ version of this song when its out pronto
  8. inb4 brooklyn baby turns out to be about Jimmy again
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