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  1. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    If she's going to film a video for the first single (assuming it's for the single, given this is the first we've heard of a video for the B side), then I'm thinking the B-side is coming late January/February? Maybe for Grammy season
  2. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    The second I get injected with a Covid vaccine I am buying tickets to her closest show to me
  3. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    I am honestly a bit speechless. I love a POP MOMENT
  4. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    Six nominations I think--I am so happy for her oh wow. Grammys finally did something right
  5. She's already stomping these nominations and we're only starting
  6. Formation

    Miley Cyrus

    The people on TikTok that do the overly animated faces and the Gen Z apocalypse cosplayers are going to eat up Night Crawling lmao I'm glad I didn't pay too much attention to the leaks earlier this year
  7. is the blonde really already gone I- not even a full era
  8. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    The absolute collapse oh my god
  9. Formation

    Dua Lipa

  10. The core of what I'm trying to get it is that the idea of splitting the songs into the Love + Fear categories was executed just as well as her concept of the Archetypes and Electra--sort of loosely and sporadically (you have to reach to make the visuals of EH feel coherent). I don't think her inability to go farther with either (due to lack of foresight or budget) is a fault, which is why it bothers me that the general perception of Marina the past few years has been that she suddenly lost the plot and just made a bunch of basic pop songs. People can argue on whether it was not a good decision to stick to simplistic pop production--and I would agree it was not--but she employed the same methods of building an era for L+F as she did her previous records. Electra Heart at the time was not universally loved as it is now. I guess I am just confused and in disagreement with the vibe people give off when discussing her work where they act like she suddenly flipped on her artistic vision and produced a flop era. Anyways, whoever put up that fake Froot demo can rot because I thought the 7 minute one she started to play in her livestream a bit ago had leaked.
  11. It's interesting that she planned to release Man's World in April during Coachella given that the album wasn't even near being fully written, so I don't know what that says about her mindset in terms of a rollout. While I loved the Froot of the Month idea, I'm not sure if she would do it again per se, but I would love if she did do something unique again. (I thought the idea of releasing Love on its own before Fear was good). Regardless, I'm really hoping she continues this neon Greek aesthetic. Also, on the topic of DieLife and other conversations on past pages, it's kind of interesting that people pan Love + Fear for being a last-minute "forced" concept when both Froot and Electra were not far from that (also The Family Jewels as a title is quite flimsy thematically). She has stated before that she kind of just made up Electra Heart because her label was pushing her to do collabs, and she constantly switches between "Electra is a vehicle for me to talk about..." to "Electra is a character". I know she and others have tried to spin a narrative for Electra, but like, it's really not present within the tracklist lmao Marina clearly always pulls something together kind of randomly based on what she's interested in at the time rather than having a really set and clear vision, which you can criticize, but I do think this is just a part of her artistry--not a new fault of hers as I find people's comments usually implying. Idk why I just wrote this whole essay but props to whoever read it all
  12. We have truly gotten everything we thought we never would Also, is that Bubblegum demo real?
  13. I mean I guess they sampled Sweet Dreams given that this came years after, but yes still so random. Legends inspired by legends though
  14. Formation

    Miley Cyrus

    The verses are more interesting to me than the chorus, but still a hit. Dua keeps up her winning streak
  15. So this is what Byron filmed Anyways, can a someone explain to me why her voice sounds different here? I feel like I've never heard her sound like this even though she's done plenty of (jazzy) covers like this. Her Lana accent feels gone in some parts I'm so confused. (Also this isn't a critcism, she sounds amazing--just different to me for reason)
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