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  1. Formation

    Billie Eilish

    Birds of a Feather, The Greatest, Wildflower, Blue...this sounds like an AI generated Lana album gonna be good then
  2. Formation


    It leans most heavy into country and folk but as she said, it's a BEYONCE album. There's two specific moments that discuss the idea of genre bending. As a Mexican American with deep southern ties, this is such a beautiful project for me. Her voice is the best it's ever been and there's so much to sink your teeth into--you can tell as always she did her homework + worked with great collaborators. The GP will obviously go for the more upbeat tracks, but the most country cuts are some of the ones I see myself going back to often. A more than worthy follow up to Act I. I hope it gives an extra push in the industry to black country singers. Also here's a nice quick read ("The daughter who eclipses the father" is a beautiful sentiment for this three act project): https://time.com/6960671/beyonce-black-country-legacy-essay/
  3. Formation


    The catalyst for this album is still top 5% of Bey performances for me. I go back for the added band arrangments all the time. She looked and sounded stunning, plus incredible that she was in the early stages of being pregnant with Sir and Rumi. PLUS the political move to bring the Chicks with her--whew. So glad she's getting to stick a middle finger to anyone who questioned her right to be on that stage.
  4. Formation


    Living Legend https://x.com/PopCrave/status/1760000952784781485?s=20 https://x.com/PopCrave/status/1760002172601704725?s=20
  5. Formation


    Her continuing highlight genres created by black Americans is just so beautiful. So excited for the other 14 songs.
  6. Formation


    They’re not just on Tidal.
  7. Formation


    Lana and Beyoncé both going country in 2024
  8. Do you remember winding your arm around my shoulder, As we wandered ‘round the hill? Now I’m in that fog forever On the topic of top favorite Florence songs...I will never ever shut up about Wish That You Were Here. The crisp, layered, yet whispered vocals on "You're disappearing all the time" give me shivers every time The build up with the strings and the repetition in the second pre-chorus "I must stop time traveling, you're always on my mind You're always on my mind You're always on my mind" I'm sure I've posted this exact same thought every other month for the past seven years but trust I'll keep doing it
  9. Since she's been finishing tracks this month, I'm guessing it'll be a middle Summer album release at the earliest? Excited!
  10. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/dua-lipa-third-album-influences-dating-life-acting-1234945422/?sub_action=logged_in It sucks she's had to read the idiotic comments about her holidays and Houdini's sound. The album sounds like a perfect follow-up to FN--I'm ready.
  11. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    Lots of FN outtakes have come out but just today we've gotten 10: I Wish I Never Met You (Frank Dukes, Louis Bell) Fun (Max Martin & Ali Payami, co-written by Savan Kotecha) When Ur Sober (The Struts, co-written by Tove Lo) Borderline (The Struts, co-written by Tove Lo) Celebration Cry (Fred Ball, co-written by Tove Lo) Good Luck (Koz) Narcissist (Koz) Tumbling (Koz & MNEK) Fool Paradise (Greg Kurstin, co-written by Sia) Dancing With A Ghost (Fred Ball, co-written by Tove Lo) Celebration Cry's chorus sounds like Act of God, wonder which came first. The melody is catchy, so I see why she wanted to make it work.
  12. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    Kind of hilarious the standard she has set for herself. She is nominated for a Golden Globe, has a new song that was critically praised, is fighting against the Christmas wave yet and still succeeding yet people still want to call her lazy and a flop. it’s truly fun to be a fan of her because she’s not stopped putting out content of one form or another since 2019. All while going through two big breakups because of her work ethic. 2024 is going to be insane for her and I’m so excited.
  13. Formation


    So far seen the film twice--absolutely her best concert film so far. The Uncle Johnny segment had me crying so much. My first viewing was also in Dolby and I actually think it's worth it since you feel the songs a lot more as if you were at the show. It's also so nice to notice details and sounds I didn't during my two shows. What a privilege to witness greatness
  14. The last forty seconds are stunning--her voice meshes so well with male collaborators excited for the album to materialize finally
  15. No one will ever convince me that there's a better hair version of Lana than long, dark brown just look at the material
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