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  1. Formation


    The lyric video switching from black to red…the album cover has to be red anyway I actually like the sample and house beat—it’s nothing she’s ever given us and I know other tracks will go even harder
  2. Beyonce is bringing the music
  3. Formation

    Dua Lipa

    Her voice is just so I’m obsessed with this woman
  4. I hope Derek, Lizzy, and her are still friends. But glad to see her having the ability to go the path that she wanted to
  5. Daffodil...WEDDINGS MOVIES CHURCHES TRAILERS MUSICALS right now please it deserves to be in EVERYTHING pack it up girls Florence is HERE
  6. This seems like a pretty fair review. Excited https://www.pastemagazine.com/music/florence-and-the-machine/dance-fever-album-review/
  7. Idk why I thought Izak dated Ashley Benson lmao but anyway the fact that Chuck dated Keegan Allen only adds to how Lana is tied to Pretty Little Liars in my head (Ride playing in an episode is how I discovered her) anyways, queen of gay marriage
  8. I forget about this stage of the week before a release lmao See yall when we actually have it, either Friday or before
  9. Interesting! I actually see it a bit as a reaction to success—ie she worked so hard to breakthrough and she did but it wasn’t what she thought it’d be like. It’s clear that she worked with a bunch of collaborators post TFJ bc she felt she needed a new experience with music to figure out who she really was musically (even if she knew she was being pushed to being more a commercial sound by her label). But I totally agree it could be more of a take on TFJ not being exactly the success she could’ve hoped for. I was using capital letters for emphasis. And I’m not sure I get what you’re referring to with the second half of your post. Yes Marina seems to have a clearer relationship with her father and fame, but that was not the case in 2011. I am not saying that Miss Y, S&P, or other 2011 outtakes should be released now under a new project—I’m saying they did not lyrically fit on EH (in the way people characterize EH as a concept album) so they should just not be officially released at all unless it’s for a catch-all compilation of outtakes record.
  10. I mean MARINA as in the person not the era's beyond Froot. Sure she could change the lyric that mentions her name from Miss Y and it'd be more of a fit given the themes of identity, but it's just more of a personal track for me that dips into ideas that went into the creation of EH rather than it being a track that belongs on the record. Yeah which is why I don't think Buy the Stars fits EH. Sex Yeah is also a stretch thematically. Again, it's not about whether I like the tracks, but most people do nothing but complain about L+F not being cohesive but then beg her to add tracks to EH that make the storyline (that's barely there) even shakier.
  11. Time for people to come to terms with the fact that Miss Y and Scab and Plaster do not fit the album at all. Thematically they’re just much more MARINA than they are Electra. Some of my favorite tracks but just don’t belong on the album
  12. Florence basically did the same thing with her 10th anniversary edition. The language yall use towards Marina in this thread is always lowkey sad
  13. Silver/platinum is the traditional color for 10 year celebration + what many deluxe versions of albums go by. I think the name is much cuter than just “the 10th anniversary” or “the platinum edition”
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