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  1. she's playing in a festival on may 13th... 👀 i'm getting my hopes up https://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/abono-citibanamex-plus-tecate-emblema-pase-de-2-dias-boletos/artist/2740458
  2. yeah, edited to make it clear
  3. humm she said next album still follows the storyline of Crybaby and is about past life regression and death so I remember she said she had the next 2 films already planned so I think MM3 may be Cry Baby revisiting past-life memories so she can heal herself and be free(death) which leads to MM4 being about the "next life"
  4. She playing with us at this point
  5. Exactly, don't know why she would say a prediction for March/April unless she has already shoot a part of it, filming scheduled to start February or doing the solo music video for the single first and then working on the film later, there is still a lot of process for such a short time...
  6. I'd love Sirens as first single cuz it would totally give her a new image without the childhood metaphors, but it's experimental so I would say 2nd or last single, the first one is going to be more pop-ish.
  7. Humm so that new concert in July has to do with MM3... She plans on releasing the first single in March so the album release could happen in May/June(using the same method she did for CryBaby(1st single then album 2 months later). Sounds exciting but she still hasn't started filming yet so I wonder how things going to work, she needs to start teasing in february if it's really coming in march...
  8. Her needing money and the new concert in july just confirms that MM3 is not coming anytime soon to me
  9. I really doubt it's new material, don't think she'd announce a new show before even starting promoting the new album. She probably wants extra money for the film(which means no filming until then)
  10. Needle & Thread is just too deep, the metaphor is too powerful, SHE NEEDS TO RELEASE IT!
  11. When she releases Leche of The Sirens as a single and performs it live with an ethereal scenario/stage on Jimmy Fallon
  12. her latest insta story... MM3 2025 I fear
  13. humm didn't like mother of pearl at first but maybe its good
  14. Same, wanted AS leaks to see if there is more experimental stuff, didn't like the three K-12 outtakes that leaked.
  15. hard af beat needs to make the final cut!
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