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  1. Milk of The Siren deserves a music video more than any other track on portals
  2. yup yup this is so astonishing and pleasing visually and sonically
  3. It’s weird that she’s releasing a single in less than 4 hours and she still hasn’t made any announcement about it other than that easter egg poster
  4. what if she is just trolling us cuz everyone spammed her with Sirens on that “whats your portals fav track” story idk i’m in denial its so weird promo to release a deluxe and a new single just 4 days after we already got VOID as a sungle+ she wants it to be her most streamed song and she already shot the mv for it… its going to get outshined i fear
  5. Sirens being the single to promote the deluxe it is mandatory to come with a MV or else
  6. She better not have sucked the life out of it for the final like she did dirty with Faerie Soiree and Tunnel Vision
  7. Think it’s just for title purposes and not changing the actual lyric, similar to Battle of the Larynx that she doesn’t sing it like the title
  8. Literally… i’m forever haunting her for it
  9. the copyright being MILK OF THE SIREN wuttice dis ik im late
  10. Faerie Soiree should have been the leaked version with just 1:50 mins and that outro should have stayed as the intro for Light Shower
  11. She can’t be for real with Spider Web having SO GOOD verses and bridge and a BAD chorus and postchorus beat
  12. I’m sad she didn’t choose any dark topic to talk about this time
  13. Sing to her “follow the tunnel into the portal lay all your burdens to rest drink from the leche of sirens summon the sailors in town”
  14. The transitions on every song are so unnecessary… I love the violins for The Contortionist but sucks I need to go back to the other song to listen to it
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