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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong, but is this an excuse for her? She's being paid a lot of money for these concerts and nobody forces her to tour I believe. People are allowed to have expectations, she's not doing this for free.
  2. She seemed extremely nervous and it showed. Didn't sing many parts because she couldn't breathe properly, relied too much on the backing vocalists at times and also on the backing track (which is something I wish she would stop doing and is truly inexcusable for certain simple tracks). I do think she will improve a lot, but she really needs to prepare better in the future imo
  3. Beautiful writing and melody, powerful imagery and so much emotion. It's hard to believe she's released her ninth studio album and she keeps producing songs like this. A true artist
  4. i love love cherry blossom and nectar of the gods <3 those 2013 sessions were truly brilliant
  5. the song is ok (I really don't like the outro), she sounds a bit off in some parts and I don't understand why she gets too loud in the chorus.. bad mic technique I guess. Hoping for better songs on the album
  6. I simply expressed my preference, I'm not trying to influence anybody's opinion, and I never said Biden is a saint, the same way Clinton wasn't. I've informed myself enough to know that Trump is evil and Biden's foreign policy seems to be in my country's best interests, given trump's continued support on our neighbouring country's dictator. I'll leave it at that, as I don't appreciate making conversation with people who attack and make assumptions about people they don't know.
  7. I mean I'm not a US citizen but this election affects pretty much everybody in the world tbh... praying trump vanishes off the face of the earth for everybody's sake
  8. Why she is being dragged I really don't understand... she simply mentioned very successful women artists of recent times (some of whom I'm sure she likes personally) and expressed her feelings about all the horrible things that have been said about her over the years. She should be left free to share her experiences through her songs. It's clear to me she still feels she can't express herself freely, because she will probably deviate from what is considered politically correct. I think people need to let her be.
  9. trailer park

    Song vs. Song

    off to the races vs venice bitch
  10. I guess we can agree to disagree. Sharing experiences is always pleasant however
  11. um I'm not taking a jab at you (I actually like you). I'm just pointing out that if you presume the majority of lana's fans are gay men and young women, you're begging the question. And yes, some of the comments are full of generalisations as you can see. I think the question you're asking has become clearer after the edit. Personally, I'm attracted to her unique sound and used to be interested in her mysterious personality. I couldn't care less about the change in the themes her songs address over the years - I like her unreleased + btd songs as much as I like songs from her latest album.
  12. generalisations don't help and can be offensive in my opinion... I think each one of us likes her for different reasons
  13. isolate yourselves as much as possible, the more you abstain from social gatherings the more lives you save until scientists come up with an effective treatment... this isn't going to be easy, we gotta be strong <3
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