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  1. An edit - if you overlap the one that @Poppers posted above, the shadows, her nose, and jawline match up perfectly. Also the hand positioning is a bit whack lol
  2. Also regarding PS’s story times, she’s retold the same general scenario on 4 different occasions this year alone - we literally drained her out of most of her material from her time with Lana 😭 Although hearing the same story has gotten old, I’ll still be eating up every time she talks about LDR lmao
  3. Only coming back for this - she did not need to serve this hard with the throwback
  4. Time for me to remove my pfp & dip out lol But is that why an extra 2000 people visited my stories 😭
  5. also her laptop background - please Can't find the original image, but its a 1980s Precious Moments art piece by Samuel J. Butcher
  6. I can’t even imagine how long that must’ve took to insert all of those into one post @Elle Omg 😭😭😭
  7. Didn't feel like making another topic for this, but Patrick Hoelck is selling a pic collage for $5000 on IG currently with what seems to include a single LDR 2012 pic of his lol
  8. Anyone know where to get the signed stuff he mentioned in his IG post? I don’t think this site looks very trustworthy 💀 https://www.bravado.de/p51-i0602455478696/rob-grant/lost-at-sea/index.html
  9. I think the album is separated by Apple Music’s feature of Work and Movement, which is basically used to organize/ sort orchestral works (I tried doing the same to organize LDR’s unreleased songs).
  10. Tape measureeeee the way I rushed over to the site, knowing I had no money for that jacket lmao
  11. It’s the crazy a** colored pic in the middle with her hands up in the air, but without the text/ MySpace pop ups over it - I’ll send it to you a later today!!!
  12. Random, but the Lana Apple Photobooth pic in the back center is one of my favorites lol - had to scrap the unobstructed version from a random person’s archived MySpace page last year
  13. Not the “I know this offensive, but I really want to say it *” statement to soften the blow 😭
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