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  1. Random, but Lana sung a cover of Love in Cars by Brandon Wilde at a ~2007/2008 show held by Jezebel Music supposedly
  2. I have decided to finally share my story in the search of truth: One time @That Venice Bitch violently threatened me by virtually throwing me onto the floor and then flicking my ear lobe, bending down to my level & whispering into my ear that I am a peasant and would be banned forever if I ever stopped promoting Betty Boop Boop as Lana Del Rey's most lyrically complex, artistic, and best song out of all of them. I think he would sacrifice me for a new demo of that song #Truestory #Isurvivedtrauma #yay
  3. Sean Smith 123 Sesame Street, Manhattan, New York, 10123, USA Apartment 001 (888)-123-4567 Works at Waffle House on Candy Cane Lane GET HIM!
  4. I thought this was going to be a song and not him talking over the trap beat to Tyla’s Water But I firmly believe this is the best song he has every made to date - as it is his first song
  5. ”And then I walked through the Grammys like a detective, and I looked for evidence, for the TRUTH about Lana”
  6. Rob Grant can out play Billy Joel at the piano; this fact is true and cannot be debated
  7. We need that teary Lana-Billie clap as a gif here omg
  8. They just brought out Lionel Richie - she is not winning rip
  9. Imagine if we sat here on LB all day just for Lana not to win lol
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