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  1. Yup, even since 2007 when she recorded Untouchable with that line "I am the sweat on your face when you make love" with her being 15..., they really marketed her as "Britney meets Lolita" And yeah Cobra is the best Cry Baby song along Sick of You and Overplayed wbk
  2. l word pretty dull or wounded man or both, end this twink's pain
  3. i want him to top me and sneak into his phone and steal pretty dull.mp3
  4. the freeskyferreira ppl managed to put it on an wall on times square I-
  5. My heart skipped 3 beats, I thought it was a snippet of the actual Sky's version!!! Doesn't sound bad tho
  6. Do it with the cover of Obsession, 17 and the Ghost photoshoot pls
  7. Sorry to go kinda off topic but where did that rumor that she hates Obsession came from? Is it because she just performed it once (I think) or did she state it back then?
  8. Since it's her birthday someone should l word Pretty Dull and Cry Baby sessions.zip with all the demos, finished versions, covers and stems
  9. Kristian Karlsson


    I'm sorry if this comes as rude/stupid but, is actually Cashmere for her or a demo intended for other person (a man)? Because the song has female pronouns and afaik, Kerli is straight.
  10. Kristian Karlsson


    Wonderful! We just lack Made For Loving You to complete the original album! Hopefully it leaks soon, along with other Utopia sessions like Missing U, and other tracks from Weapons of Mass Creation like Silver Bullet and You Lose we seriously need a Kerlimas
  11. She always confuses the lines when she sings Voices Carry and sings lines from the second verse when singing the first verse haha
  12. Truly the worst robbery of this century
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