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  1. Tbh I think the same as you, I get that she could take her time but at least don't go around making promises you won't keep. It's been almost 6 years since she announced Masochism and what do we have? Downhill Lullaby that was an excitement in vain. And yeah, I know she's a human and of course she can have health issues and that thing, but I don't think you've spent the last 6 years sick incapable of releasing music but making appearances in movies, as far I know she's not allergic to the studio. Other point is the label, tbh in this part I'm between a rock and a hard place, because I know how shitty has Capitol been towards her, but c'mon, that they won't let her release her album it's just...dumb, she's not a big artist to invest a lot of money in, Capitol doesn't have too much to lose with her. Ugh, I started listening and stanning her in March 2020 and it's kinda frustrating, Idk how frustrated must feel some REALLY old fans.
  2. I really crave everything by her produced by Bloodshy & Avant, especially Untouchable final version and Song 1 Snip (which I deeply suspect that is Cobra because it sounds like B&A type beat) and her versions of Overplayed and Ditch That Bitch, just....
  3. Well, happy 10th birthday Cry Baby, just if you were released...
  4. It's really creepy how they used to promote her (the Britney meets Lolita stuff) and all that and I've noticed how she was sexualized since a young age, for example, Untouchable was recorded in 2007 while she was 15 and in that song she sings things like "I am the sweat on your face when you make love" and that sort of things, idk, I don't have anything against WOMEN singing about sex but she was a 15 year old girl, and yup, creepy how they tried to sell her as Lolita or something, ew.
  5. I hope the 17 and One MVs are unlocked soon too, I've never seen them in good quality and I'd like to, plus, it reminds me of how the MV of Everything Is Embarrassing was also blocked in my country until last October, was it blocked in any other country? Right now the 17 video is blocked here, hope I can see it soon. (I tried to post the screenshot but it won't let me, ugh)
  6. I just remembered that exactly 10 years ago Sky had a massive leak with gems as American Dream and looked for some songs on YouTube, and I found that Obsession's MV is unlocked now...
  7. The fact that in less than a month, would be Cry Baby's 10th anniversary...
  8. Waiting for I'm Not Alright, Swamp Girl, Untouchable final version, Cobra and Hollywood Slime
  9. Wow, I started listening to her back in March and I've been praying since for Untouchable final version to leak, and Hollywood Slime, Cobra, Ditch That Bitch, Overplayed and Cecil Diamonds as well, idk how frustrated must feel some people since waiting one of those songs to leak since 2011. And, from where is known the existence of "Swamp Girl"? I've seen she confirmed that was gonna be on Wild At Heart in early 2012 but there's no much info I was able to find about this song.
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