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  1. impressive how it's been a year since a librarian released a song and vanished
  2. man pretty dull sounds so excellent even in live recording...that bridge ugh, someone please l word it!!!
  3. can't believe don't forget will turn a year this friday, i remember the hype and fans and media saying masochism was finally going to be released.....and here we are....a year later, no mv, no album, no anything... at least i finally got cobra
  4. Are there more leaked unreleased songs by her apart from Burning Bridges, Heavenly Lies and Felt The Bleed? I'm in love with the latter
  5. Leak Pretty Dull or Wounded Man
  6. Today Don't Forget accidentally played out loud in my Zoom class and my professor asked me: "isn't that the song of the century, by Sky Ferreira the queen of pop?" to which I responded: "yes, it is" and my professor said "periodt sis, stream Don't Forget", after that, the whole class applauded. 🔥 💖
  7. the FreeSkyFerreira stans are really annoying smh
  8. I woke up wanting a cover of Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by her
  9. drag her again on ig so we can get a gift and maybe it'll be pretty dull or cherry bomb
  10. Kinda funny how everytime she posts on Instagram the same 3 accounts spam the FreeSkyFerreira thing lol
  11. 1. One 2. 99 Tears 3. 24 Hours 4. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) 5. I Will 6. Cross You Out (Charli XCX appears) 7. Everything is Embarrasing (Dev Haynes appears) 8. Obsession 9. I Blame Myself 10. Pretty Dull 11. Guardian / Legends
  12. Sky Ferreira for Super Bowl 2024
  13. She beat Beyonce's ass and now Sky's the most Grammy-winning artist in the universe thanks to the highly acclaimed and comercially successful album Masochism with the global smash hit Descending that was so successful and so mindbreaking that even deaf people enjoyed it.
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