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  1. ain't no sex machine, go home, had enough of you, heartbeat, hollywood slime, how does it feel, insane asylum, summer, supergirl, robotics l word WHEN
  2. we need swamperella back
  3. let's go girlies, pretty dull, robotics and insane asylum next!!!!!!
  4. she's melting!!! come on, l word pretty dull, robotics and insane asylum!!!
  5. "lights off / lights on"
  6. well.... happy birthday don't forget
  7. streets are saying that night time, my time was actually going to be #1 on apple music's best albums of all time but lauryn hill called apple music begging them in tears to give that place to her
  8. we could've had pretty dull, PRETTY DULL!!! a gay can never win, can he?
  9. just another day at the tortured ferraris department
  10. the girlz want pretty dull and insane asylum
  11. Y'all hate Miss Kristine being the apolitical grunge girl she is and call it the worst from NTMT when Omanko is right there
  12. When I dream I walk away when I'm awake I'm afraid to say no
  13. What's the actual name of Trees? It leaked like Trees then someone on Genius renamed it as I Could Die
  14. someone please have mercy for this poor fact got and l word all of these
  15. Me too, sure a lot of these tracks sound dated af or are mediocre like Shiny Toy but it's 2010 teen electropop perfection... we were robbed of Bloodshy & Avant tracks and so much more and the worst is that her stuff rarely leaks, and Cry Baby tracks are even rarer to leak
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