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  1. I could totally see what Billie is teasing on her insta being a Lana collab but let’s not get ahead of ourselves divas
  2. So I just rewatched Lana singing boarding school in 2009 and was reminded how she used a very playful country accent in quite a few of her songs back then. Would be super fun and camp if that twang came back and we got some sassy cute cuntry songs!
  3. I just saw the video of Lana getting basically trampled at the Super Bowl again and is she okay? We got a diva down ladies like is she good…
  4. Omg duhhhh thank u diva OMG THATS EXCITING THOOO. I know some people are scared by the word “country”, but I think lana could do a full country album very tastefully
  5. Inch resting, do we have confirmation that she actually said this? I’m just seeing twitter posts so far. Hope she’s working with Dolly
  6. When she gets announced as a performer and performs a&w (jk she’s gonna perform country roads and announce the covers album) (that would still slay tho)
  7. With the amount of fashion magazines/campaigns she’s done over the past year, I feel like we’re gonna get a realllly glamorous look! Also feel like she gonna sweep this year, something about this year feels right for her.
  8. The way no names were mentioned and it resulted in a 48 hour spiral… it’s sad cause legends don’t behave like this. She’s been trying to get meg to bite the bait for a while and I think severely under estimates how much people love Megan. She’s going out sad
  9. Category 6 on the cunt severity scale, I thought they were photoshopped for the first five mins
  10. The photoshoot was the first thing i saw when i woke up that morning and i was gagged mama she was giving wolf cut lesbian biker downnnnnn but make it fashion! Then the white outfits are gorgeous, but subtle, and I think that’s done purposely to highlight Lanas beauty. She is so beautiful and theres a way about her when she photographs that just envokes nostalgia and high fashion. And the interview is the sister interview to that interview she did for interview magazine where they interviewed her in the bathtub!
  11. If lana banana ever did release an album of unreleased work do we think she would re record it or would she just upload the original versions? If she rerecorded songs like velvet crowbar, jealous girl, st tropez, mermaid motel, you can be the boss etc. i think the internet would be in shambles
  12. What do we think lanita is going to wear??? Manifesting she serves something like we saw on tour! I remember saying i feel lana was going to lean into some high fashion glamorous looks again at the start of this era and mother has not disappointed once! Im seeing big hair, stunning makeup and a dramatic dark evening gown with ribbons everywhere like i can envision the fantasy omg (she loves a zimmerman dress lately, their gowns look so gorgeous on her!)
  13. Really like lets talk ab it because how many “Did you know that there’s a…” memes have there been, or all the press of her touring, or her going viral everytime shes at a gas station. People haven't only been talking about it, they love it! Lana is def getting the respect shes deserved for so long
  14. Oh yes maam, already fainting at the idea of a potential Grammys outfit! I really feel like this is her year. My friend who introduced me to lana admittedly kinda stopped listening to her around honeymoon era. She just did a deep dive of her recent albums and said nfr and ocean blvd made her fall in love with lana again! Particularly, she told me ocean blvd felt so honest and heart felt and gut wrenching, but beautiful and hopeful, and sounded like her teenage idol matured into such a self aware, powerful, matured artist both sonically and lyrically. I feel like the general public really loves lana again and i hope the grammys recognize that.
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